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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jupiter into Capricorn

Great Balls of Gas! The Biggest Planet of all is moving into the Sign at the Top of the Astrological Wheel. As I write this Jupiter is on the last minute of Sagittarius, Santa goes on his diet tomorrow, for real. Capricorns tend to be skinny people, all skin and bones. I've never been able to figure out if they have no appetite or are just really that talented as dieters.

Went back to the Ephemeris to look at Jupiter's last trip into Capricorn back in 1996. Man, that was a bad year for me. I bought my first and only house which was one of the worst experiences of my life. I bought a tract house by the Freeway in a gated community that was mostly habited by yuppies who raced their BMW's past me while I was waiting for the gate to open. On the other side of my house, outside the tract, 3 single simian men lived with 3 single stereos hooked up to all the woofers and tweeters and bongs you could ever hope to imagine. I hardly slept at all that year due to the all night bass from the stereos. That's Jupiter conjunct Saturn for you. The Drunks and the Yuppies finally found a common ground as my neighbors. Add major Neptune and Pluto aspects to your Sun and the neuroses really blossom.

Seriously, Jupiter and Saturn work with Human involvement in the World as opposed to the Inner Planets which describe an individual's personal life and the outer planets which like to let us know that there's stuff out there that we've still gotta learn about. So, maybe Jupiter in Capricorn is about stabilizing the World. Maybe it won't look like we're going anywhere but we'll be setting up structures so that growth can happen later on. Jupiter likes to do the designing. On one hand he likes seeing his projects taken to the next level but doesn't like the constrictions that are necessary to start the building.

At any rate, the last Jupiter in Capricorn for me was overshadowed by other transits I guess. I do remember clicking my heels together and screaming for Auntie Em. Anyone who would just whisk me out of that Gated Community.

Things got really bad and I sold the place and 6 months after that The X-Files literally made an episode about living in a gated community that could easily have passed for the one I lived in. In the show the Homeowner's Association had harnessed an evil monster that killed anyone who broke the Homeowner's Rules. I went to one meeting. Mostly the Yuppies were giving other Yuppies (Capricorn) advice on how to sue (Jupiter) the previous owners. So, be prepared for lessons on how the World really works.

Well, my progressed Sun is better positioned this time around. Maybe I'll deal better at this pass.

So, this is where Jupiter was back in 1996 along with the placements of the other planets. It was following the Outer Planets who were just leaving Capricorn. Pluto was on the 1st degree of Sagittarius on that year. In this case, it precedes Pluto's move into Capricorn by a month.

Jupiter into Capricorn on Jan 4, 1996, moved out mid Jan., 1997.
Saturn was in Pisces until December when it moved into Aries
Uranus 30 Capricorn and moved into Aquaruis on Jan. 13. Was at 4 Aquarius by end of the year.
Neptune 25 Capricorn - 27 Capricorn
Pluto 2 Sagittarius - 5 Sagittarius
North Node - Libra
Chiron Libra - 1 Scorpio

The Housing Market at that point had already tanked and was just leveling off. Neptune and Uranus had already tanked the Real Estate Market at that point. Everyone was resigned to losing money if they sold their homes that year.



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