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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jupiter's Next Pass

I finally figured out what the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is all about. Don't know if you've spent much time around Scorpio-Sagg people. I have. I was born to a bunch and I tend to flock to more bunches. Thing about these guys is that they like to be cool, they like restrained good taste with secretive societies and stuff. I used to work with a Scorpio-Sagittarius woman who complained that she had been raised in a family of tacky people who wore goofy faced reindeers on their sweatshirts at Christmas. It was instinctual for her to know this is ugly. And it's like that in my family. Always in good taste. Well, I come from a family of designers so it was excessive. Our tree was trimmed into special globe shapes that sort of looked space age. And I wasn't allowed to apply the tinsel because I got too excited by all that shiny stuff. What I'm saying here, is that that is what Jupiter-Pluto is all about. And that is why I'm so let down by all the tastefully restrained Christmas decorations this year.

But there is one consolation. I went into the Target last night and all the "Hello Kitty" stuff was marked way down. That's right! It's a boon for all us who never got over how cute "Hello Kitty" is. The stores obviously can't move it off their shelves this year. So, Rejoice World! Jupiter still loves you.

And if that's not your cup of tea. Here's news about Jupiter's next adventures. It looks like Jupiter's partying all the way around the outer planetary block on his 12 year trek around the zodiac. First he'll hit Neptune and Chiron together in Aquarius and sort of anesthetize us and then clobber us with an Aries Point t-square with Uranus, Saturn, Pluto.

In 2009, there will be 3 conjunctions of Jupiter, Neptune with Chiron at the end of Aquarius:
May 27, 2009 27 Aquarius
July 10, 2009 27 Aquarius
Dec. 21, 2009 25 Aquarius

For comparison sake, the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction was Jan 9, 1997 at 28 Capricorn. Only one pass.

In 2010, there will be 3 conjunctions of Jupiter with Uranus at the beginning of Aries. This will be in a t-square opposite Saturn in Libra squared by Pluto in Capricorn.
June 8, 2010 1 Aries
Sept. 22, 2010 29 Pisces
Jan. 2, 2010 28 Pisces

For comparison sake, the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction was on Feb. 16, 1997 at 5 Aquarius. Only one pass.

This information is from Richard Nolle's website: www.astropro.com.

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