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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Carson Daly

The only thing I know about Carson Daly is that he's defying the wishes of the Hollywood Writer's Union and keeping his show going on TV by writing the material himself and hiring non-union writers. I think he has an extremely late night TV show but am not sure.

Don't have a lot of time to write this, but feel that this his chart is very important to look at. First off, it's always good to try to understand why a chump is acting like a chump. But also there's an Cardinal Aries Point t-square in here under heavy transit/aspects that is the same as the Outer Planet Transit t-square that will come up in 2010.

Carson Daly

b. June 22, 1973 9:06 am Santa Monica, CA

Sun 2 Cancer; ASC 14 Leo; Moon 18 Pisces; MC 7 Taurus; NN 9 Capricorn

Daly's natal t-square is Sun in Cancer conjunct Saturn in Gemini which squares an opposition of Mars 2 Aries opposite Pluto 2 Libra. So, right here we see a guy whose willfulness is pretty dominant. Right now Mars is transiting over the apex Sun-Saturn conjunction over the Cancer-Gemini cusp along with his progressed Moon. They are placed in Daly's 11th house. Squaring that t. Uranus is conjunct his 8th house Moon. I guess all this Uranian energy means that he's so rebellious he's going to rebel against the rebellers. I'm sure there's a double, maybe triple, negative in that statement somewhere.

Daly's Sun-Saturn conjunction is in his 11th house of Friends and Groups so this is a very interesting turn-out to see for this chart. Saturn rules his 6th house of Labor too. Saturn brings lessons wherever it's placed.

His progressed Mars is conjunct his natal Chiron which sort of indicates that he is hurting himself by doing this. Both are opposing natal Uranus in the 3d house. So the issue here is writing and publishing and "doing his own thing" (Mars) and "thinking his own way" (Uranus).

Natal Mercury is conjunct Venus in Cancer in Daly's 12th house and squaring natal 3d house Uranus. That's a nice boost for writing and talking but he's really got to watch out that he doesn't create enemies.

I don't know how charming this guy is, but he's gonna have to be extra talented if he's going to make it through these aspects without doing his career in. T. Neptune is conjunct his natal Jupiter-Descendant in Aquarius so maybe he's feeling very optimistic and probably deluded about his relationships with people.

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