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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

Jupiter will be in exact conjunction with Pluto in Sagittarius on December 11 at 29 Sagittarius. What's it mean? What's it mean?

Jupiter's in its own sign so Academia, Religious belief, Opinions, Lawyers, Partying, it's all good, maybe over the top. Virgo and Capricorn like to revamp and revise. Pluto likes to do full-on demo and then put up something new, shiny bright. What I've noticed in my little neck of the woods, though, is that the Christmas decorations are really understated and dull. It's like we've never recovered from the Christmas that Martha Stewart spent in jail. Or at least I didn't. Wasn't that awful? This is going to be a short conjunction because neither Jupiter nor Pluto is entering into retrograde so enjoy it while it lasts. And keep your opinions to yourself. And I ought to try doing the same...

Since Pluto has a 248 year cycle the last time these two were together was 1758 in October/Novemberish. Maybe that was the year that George Washington's teeth fell out. I checked: Washington was a young buck, Age 26. This article (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6875436/) says that Washington started losing his teeth in his 20s. That just totally sucks. Sagittarius can bring a lot of anxiety, he really needed a mouth guard in case he was grinding, oh well, Cap Moon, what can you say? He probably got his syphilis once Pluto moved into Capricorn and hit his Moon.

What's interesting is that Uranus was also in Pisces in 1758 just like it is now. Interesting that Uranus, with its almost 84 year cycle, goes about through 3 cycles for every one of these Jupiter-Pluto cycles. When the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was in April, 1883, Uranus was in Virgo, opposite sign of Pisces. This mutable energy gives Jupiter's place in the combination even more strength and influence. Pluto and Uranus like Revolution and Jupiter likes Opinions and Right Conduct and Mutable Signs don't mind a change of scenery.

I've checked backwards for older Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Sagittarius. In 1509 there was an extended conjunction due to Retrogrades which lasted from February to October. All of Europe, India, the Philippines and the Colonies were in a 7-years' War. Please Wiki the year to find out more, I'm certainly no history teacher. Henry VIII started his long rule of Merry Olde England. If I remember the PBS series correctly, Henry VIII was Protestant in a Catholic World, so the Sagittarius theme of Religion was very strong. Uranus moved into Aries just as Jupiter hit Pluto. This changes the predominant energy of the combination from Mutable to Fire. Erasmus wrote "In Praise of Folly." Clown imagery used to mask deep-seated problems of human nature sounds sort of Sagittarius. The Renaissance was peaking showing man's growing belief in himself.

Then the two planets were in conjunction in Sagittarius back in Dec. 1259 to August 1260. Uranus was in the middle of Aries at this point. It looks like this is a major time of change in Asia with Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Hindus and Thais all changing empires and dynasties. Kublai Khan took over the Mongol Empire at this point. And Chartres Cathedral was dedicated this year. The "Treaty of Paris" was signed between England and France which Wikipedia says was one of the reasons for the 100 years war.

Well, this is my Jupiter-Pluto conjunction thoughts. It's happening in my 7th house. No Prince Charming is showing up on his White Steed so I guess Godzilla will be my "open enemy" for the week.

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Blogger Phelony Jones said...

The conjunction is in my 9th, trine my mercury. So I'm hoping for a little clarity :)

6:24 AM  
Anonymous robin said...

I am a novice at Astro stuff. But I read your blog to get info on this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (liked the history review in comparison) and wondered why if the transit is happening in the #1 house why you say it is in your #7 - is this because of your natal chart? I have Jupiter in my 7th too, and Pluto is in my 9th. I am trying to understand the influence around this transit personally (of course!). Thanks. JR

7:50 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

Love your sense of humor!

11:27 AM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Phelony Jones, what a great name! Ju-Pl in the 9th, hope you're traveling and writing. Don't hope for clarity, hope for good questions.

Robin, I have Sagittarius in my 7th house so the conjunction is in my 7th house of partnerships and open enemies. Marriage and enemies are ruled by the same house. The Ancients really understood human nature well, lol. So, wherever 30 Sagittarius is in your chart is where the influence will be. Also, any planets that are at 30 degrees of any sign will be aspected. 30 Mutable in a challenging but energizing way and Fire in a way that might open doors (if the doors are pushed open, that is). Hope this helps.

Thanks for the compliment (sp?), Tammy.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have Jupiter in 7house Capricon. Pluto is now going to enter my 7th house. How will it affect me?

9:39 AM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Hello Anonymous! It depends what's going on with the rest of your chart. Do you have 1 Capricorn on the cusp?

7th house, you already know this of course, rules marriage, one-on-one partnerships. You probably know which of these you are most prone to meet in your life, hehehe. Jupiter could bring a person who is very opinionated, well-educated, or fun, or lucky. Or you may become any of these things through that person. Pluto's complicated. Pluto likes to clean house so he will bring you people who really show the benefits of learning diplomacy skills. Can bring powerful people who can make you famous. Or can bring people who want you to make them powerful. He likes power and he likes to make you feel things on a very deep level wherever he is. Depends on placements of natal Jupiter and Pluto and the ruler of the 7th house, and others...

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have natal capricorn on the 7th house (starts 4degree on the descendent), how does it going to affect me in next 15 years?

5:43 PM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Hi anonymous. It depends on where your natal Pluto is and also what house it rules and how it's aspected. Pluto in contact with Capricorn can bring on some fears and needs for control and also ambition and hard work. You may feel ok spending more time by yourself, but you may also self-destruct by doing this. You may have relationships that are a little destructive. This is to help you learn about boundaries and your own feeling of safety. If you've got Pluto in an angular house natally you might feel this transit more strongly.

It looks like the t-square between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto will hit your Descendant but will still hit from the 6th House. The better diet and life style you maintain through that, the better your life will go. There could be some changes in your life.

Money may play a bigger role in relationships than it previously has and you might have to learn about give and take and give. Trust can be a challenging thing to maintain here. If you go to a Doctor be sure to get a second & third opinion.

These are just general things.

11:50 AM  

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