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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quote from Joyce Carol Oates

From The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates, 1973-1982, p. 87:

October 22, 1975

"....Yeats, thinking of how all thought is frozen into something inhuman... But we require these 'inhuman' points or peaks in order to navigate; we react against them, careen beyond them, outgrow them, rediscover them, assimilate and forget and pay homage to them. So long as we live, we move between the human and the inhuman, the temporal and the "eternal," the fascination with time, and the indifference to all things merely timely...."

Joyce Carol Oates

b. June 16, 1938 12:27 am Lockport, NY

Sun 25 Gemini; ASC 28 Aquarius; Moon 30 Capricorn; MC 14 Sagittarius; NN 26 Scorpio

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