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Monday, September 07, 2009

Tunguska Event of 1908

What's a good astrological chart for a date when a comet hits the earth? This is good to know for future reference I suppose. Just this past June, scientists have claimed that a huge explosion which occurred in the Russian outback was most likely caused by the entrance of a comet into the earth's atmosphere.

I saw a TV show on it the other night. Who knew the History Channel could be so interesting? I don't even think I was drunk that night.

At any rate, I remember hearing an Astronomer on the Radio (NPR Driveway Moment) say that earth is possibly going to be in the way of another comet in April sometime in the future, can't remember what year, 2030 something? I don't think I wrote anything about the chart on this blog, but do remember that I looked it up and couldn't say one way or the other if it looked for a good day for a comet to hit the earth.

The 1908 Tunguska blast leveled 830 square miles of forest somewhere on the Tunguska River in Russia, wherever that is. The impact of the blast which is said to have exploded in the air is said to have been equivalent to the Castle Bravo thermonuclear explosion in the U.S. Feb. 1954, or 1,000 times the blast of Little Boy in Hiroshima. Trees fell down like in a radiating pattern from where the center of the blast is considered to have been except for the ones in the center which stood up straight, kind of like how they apparently did with little boy. The night sky was said to have been light as day for many nights afterwards.

Assuming that I have the date correct (there's confusion between two dates due to the fact that Russia was using the Julian Calendar, that date is June 17, 1908) here is the basic information I have picked up from Wikipedia:

Tunguska "Event"
June 30, 1908 7:14 am Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Podkamennaya (Lower Stony) Tunguska River

Sun 8 Cancer; Moon 23 Cancer; NN 5 Cancer; ASC 18 Leo; MC 28 Aries

This chart shows 6 planets in the sign of Cancer which includes all the Inner Planets. (NN, Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars) Mercury and Venus are moving in Retrograde Motion.

This event would have happened inbetween a set of 3 Eclipses which were connected with an outer planet t-square: Neptune 15 Cancer opposing Uranus 16 Capricorn making a square to apex Saturn 11 Aries.

Because of the involvement with the Eclipses, the Nodal Axis was also involved, crossing the Cancer-Capricorn Axis at 5 degrees.

Pluto was at 25 Gemini. According to Paul O. Hewit, this would have opposed the position of the Galactic Center which was at 25 Sa 35 in 1908.

The Eclipses around this time:

June 14, 1908: Sun conjunct Pluto 24-25 Gemini, Mercury St Rx

June 28, 1908 Solar annular, Sun conjunct Moon 7 Cancer

July 13, 1908 Lunar appulse Sun opposing Moon 22 Cancer-Capricorn over the Neptune 15 Cancer opposition to Uranus 15 Capricorn Rx.

Mercury and Venus both Retrograde for most of this time in Cancer9 - 18 degrees.



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