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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"We Did This For the Show"

God damned kids. They're always blurting out the truth at all the wrong times.

This week's big news story, and who knows why, is the Balloon Boy story. A family in Fort Collins, CO called the Fire Brigade to come rescue their son who they said they thought had crawled into a home-made balloon. Turns out the kid was hiding in the house the whole time. And the Father called the Media and NASA before he actually called the Fire Brigade for real help. And the little boy started having major barfing sessions during the media blitz of interviews after the show. Wonder if he was a Virgo. My Mother always said she could tell when my brother was lying because he would throw up because Virgos have weak stomachs (turns out he's lactose intolerant).

Anyway, this kid, Falcon, doesn't have what it takes to be a media star. He ended up telling the Cameras that he hid in the attic for 5 hours "for the show." He's so hyperactive, I don't know how he sat anywhere for 5 hours. They could do a whole show on hyperactive kids and the neurotic parents who raise them from watching this family being interviewed. I can just see my Mother now: "Look at that...Out of the mouths of Babes.....they're lying out their asses...did you see that kid throw up?....you know your brother...."

I guess the parents are now being charged with all kinds of counts related to the fact that they were using the helicopters and the State Troopers and the TV stations for a publicity stunt. Come on, give em a break. The economy is bad. It looks like they're unemployed and unemployable, this is job security for the media who's too stupid to give decent reporting about the economy, and nobody else in the world has this much gall (or imagination).

Can't find the parents' birth dates which is totally traumatizing. Idiot Father Richard Heene is born around 1961. Idiot Mother is born in 1964. Marriage was on Oct. 12, 1997 in Clark County, Nevada (source I think was About.com).

Well, the marriage has a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Aquarius. They were trying to take advantage of their Marital Jupiter Return, I suppose. Sometimes Jupiter makes you lucky, sometimes it makes you go way over the top. In Aquarius, I suppose you should just some interesting turns of event.

This is good for my otherwise useless Astrological predictions. Remember that I'm the one who called this Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction the "big dirigible in the sky." Did you see the footage of that homemade balloon whaling through the air? Dirigibles explode, baby. Not the greatest method of transport.

This marriage is a Sun in Libra which is great as Libra rules Marriage. But probably not so hot when Sun is opposing Saturn in Aries which is in its Fall and Retrograde which means that not following rules leads to getting caught. Saturn doesn't let you off the hook the way Jupiter does. Also, a really incredible Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius that squares the Nodal Axis. This family has to do things "their way." Frank Sinatra exhibited the Sadge spirit.

Now, let's hope that the economy doesn't take off on a similar helium hot air escapade.

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Blogger California Girl said...

Add to this they were on a TV program before (Wife Swap) and also pitched a reality show that no one bought. Can you say media whores?

8:36 AM  
Blogger California Girl said...

Lookie what I found!

or as they say some should not breed.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

What video was that? When I pasted the link it just took me to a video website.

1:04 PM  
Blogger California Girl said...

Try going to youtube and type in their name. Its a video of the three kids "rapping" about "killing faggots".
Real nice family.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Ahh,well, thanks for letting me know the details. Maybe I'll skip it. Isn't there a rapper out there who is very controversial because he has a song about this?

Maybe they didn't even understand the words. I remember when I was a kid I went through a phase where I was calling everyone queer and finally my Father told me to shut the hell up. He didn't tell me what queer meant, though, because then you have to do the Sex talk. I had trouble figuring out my Father's behavior. I just thought it meant weird, and that's a natural "descriptor" for a Mercury-Uranus person. Kids probably know how to put a video on YouTube from age 2 these days so maybe the parents didn't know it was there.

I mean, yeah, those parents are seriously anti-social but...

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband's son not only tossed his cookies, he'd stammer - stutter whenever he was up to no good. When I noticed a pattern & pointed it out, everyone's eyes were opened a bit wider. Course, that made me the MOST Evil Step-Mother ever to walk the face of this earth.
Sadly, it's a trait that's carried over into his adult life now. Maybe one day he'll be not only grow Older, but with any luck he'll get WISER.
Oops. Forgot to mention he has Virgo Venus, Pisces Moon & Mars. (From observation, the fish has a tendency to stretch the truth.)

6:30 AM  

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