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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Maybe Not a Good Year to Work for the Census

It seems that a lot of bad news is coming from those Amazing Census Jobs this year. They pay so well. I grew up in the semi-boonies and at that point the neighbors were nice people. Well, they're not now.

Is this the Saturn-Uranus opposition in action? "Counting crowds" sounds like a good keyword combo for those planets. Capricorn and Aquarius are traditionally ruled by the same guy, Saturn. They're bound together by this mutual "blood tie." So they represent the same social force, but also show the conflicts that show up between that social force in the idea that Tradition and Foreword thinking don't get along. The Saturn-Uranus conflict.

[Imagine the painting of Saturn eating his sons which Goya painted on his Dining Room Wall. If you don't know it, Google it, looks a lot like a Town Hall meeting or ... actually, astrologers are seeming to be pretty much the same to me these days].

Toss a couple of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses and suddenly not only do people not want you comin round on their land, but they strip you nekked with oodles of duct tape, pin your badge on, writ "FED" on your chest in BIG RED LETTERS as taught in 3d grade (yep, make it threw that thar grade) and hang you up in the cemetery. Don't mess with my meth, man, makin me paranoid..... (Guess maybe that's a Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter thing?)

In Kentucky Census Worker, Bill Sparkman, was found murdered in such a way. Truly tragic as he had recently battled Cancer and had graduated from College at the same time.

I worked for the Census back at the Y2K year 2000 Census because it seemed like it would be a priceless memory. Also, the Feds pay abnormally well. But the work really is creepy. It's amazing how pissed off you can make people just by walking up to their doors and banging on it. I saw so much it made me hate the place where I was living which was sort of a combo platter of rich computer people, rednecks, agricultural workers, retirees, caretakers and strange people who just live out in the middle of nowhere.

Most people were nice. Some told some really great lies. My Gemini Rising just loved that part. The Census Worker's instructions are to just write down things exactly as they are told to you. I was told later on that my notes became something of a legend back at headquarters.

The Rednecks were uniformly horrible. The houses with mens' names don't answer the door but you can faintly hear music and tvs inside and you can feel their eyeballs boring through the part of your face they can see through the peephole. Fine. Gemini Rising has Sadge on the other end. We're all free not to answer anything we don't want to answer as far as I'm concerned.

But, my badly placed Moon really kicks in with the ladies. Women were a completely different story as they generally are. One barrel shaped broad lunged at me through the screen door, frothing at the mouth about how the Government all-town-hall-meeting-like. It was so hard to look at her deadpan. Another just stood leaning on her pitch fork and telling me about which of the barking dogs I should try to avoid. The dogs set off the clacking of the chickens which sounded like all hell breaking loose. Census workers are just temps. Why get all huffy? Anyway, I quit about a week before some guy got eaten up by dogs in a Southern State.

Haven't found Bill Sparkman's birthdate. He was 51 years old so he would have had Chiron in Aquarius. Of the People, By the People, Screwed by the People. The police haven't given their opinion about motive for the death yet so the online sleuths are assuming that Sparkman was either Gay or a Child Molester. The Online Sleuths should maybe try knocking on a door in Meth Country sometime. You don't really have to even go up to a door. The roads with the potholes are enough to keep me away.

The first hellish Census Worker story I remember, though, is with Swine Flu. (Maybe we should just call this the H1N1 Census 2010?).

In Mexico a Census worker is said to have been the first death from H1N1 Virus. All that door to door action is just a free lunch for a communicable disease. I've noticed that Gemini might have a lot to do with Communicable Diseases. Maybe we should employ another Gemini rulership to do this census. It's called the Telephone. Either that or carry around a belt with a can of Mace and a can of Lysol to spray any door that happens to open after you knock on it.

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