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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Birth of the Bar Code

Today Google is celebrating the 57th birthday of when the patent for the Bar Code was filed. Kind of fun to celebrate a machination of modernistic society on a Secondary Lunar Progressed Return which is meant to express the warm fuzzies and not the impersonal business side of things. But, hey, this is proof that the Moon brings out the sentimental side of absolutely everything.

The Patent was filed:

Oct. 7, 1952 (Patent Office? Washington, DC?)

Sun 15 Libra; Moon Gemini; NN 19 Aquarius

That's a nice mental Air combination, the chart maybe even has a Grand Trine.

The Bar Code was first used:

June 26, 1974 Marsh Supermarket, Troy, Ohio

Sun 5 Cancer; Moon probably in Libra, but maybe tailend of Virgo; NN 19 Sagittarius

Both charts show a Sun--Mercury-Saturn conjunction in their respective signs. This combination shows good management skills and concerns with efficiency. The charts are a little whacky because Neptune (fuzzy thinking) is connected with the combination in the first chart and Mercury is Retrograde in the 2d chart.

In the Patent Chart, the Sun is conjunct Saturn 18 Libra-Neptune 22 Libra-Mercury 24 Libra. In the first use of the Bar Code chart the Sun is conjunct Saturn 8 Cancer; Mercury 12 Cancer Rx.

In both charts, Jupiter is squaring the Nodal Axis perhaps showing potential for big growth. Aquarius NN and Sagittarius NN are certainly related to all things futuristic and innovative.

Can't get through myself right now, but, supposedly anybody can generate his/her/its own barcode at this site.

The inventors of the Bar Code were Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver. Can't find Silver's birth date (year: 1925). Woodland had 4 planets in Virgo. Actually, he had a tight one-degree conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury and Saturn 26-27 Virgo. Sun was opposite Uranus showing Inventor skills.

Norman Woodland

b. Sept. 6, 1921 Atlantic City, NJ

Sun 14 Virgo; Moon Scorpio; NN 20 Libra

Bernard Silver

b. 1925


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Blogger Kalo Ben said...

Thanks for sharing this article about history of barcode.
The inventor Norman Woodland was Moon Scorpio. I'm Sun Scorpio and Moon Taurus.

11:35 PM  

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