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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hands on Hips

Well, there might be some truth to the marvelous observation I'm about to share. And then again there might not. But, I think that Pluto's transit is related to the postures that people use to stand and sit with. At any rate, I'm noticing a stance that I haven't seen since I was a kid. People are standing and walking around with their hands on their hips. About ten years ago I actually drew a series of figure drawings of people standing with their hands on their hips because I missed seeing the pose.

I think this might be a Pluto in Earth Sign thing because, swear to God, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in my Eye: People are going back to walking around with their hands on their hips. Who knows why. Capricorn makes all the joints hurt perhaps? Authoritarian stance?

When I was growing up during the Pluto in Virgo transit I remember that people would put their hands on their hips a lot. My friends and I would have Hands on Hips duels practically. I have a cliche visual memory from The Dick Van Dyke Show of Mary Tyler Moore's portrayal of Laura Petri. She is standing in the living room of their 1960s Ranch House in her stretchy anorexia capris and black flats saying "Ohhhhh Rooooooob!" I don't know what Rob did, I only remember the pose and worrying that I would never be able to be that skinny when I grew up.

Back in the 60s I suppose the Hands On Hips Pose was an authority thing leftover from the Pluto in Leo transit where everybody had Know-It-All competitions. Then with Pluto in Virgo everyone felt insecure and awkward and just needed a place to put their hands. Pluto in Libra couldn't put up with the awkwardness due to its lack of aesthetics, and, besides, everyone was either running (going for the burn) or snorting coke or dancing disco. The hands just went in the opposite direction of whatever the feet were doing as a sort of balancing act thing. They had to stay in constant motion. By the time Pluto was in Scorpio hands went in the pockets and people began to slouch. Slouching can be a power thing. If you are very relaxed and staying towards the background it's amazing how much power you can accumulate. This turned into a conscious need to fake humility when Pluto hit Sagittarius. (I learned that term from a very funny Sadge I went to school with). Throughout Pluto in Sagittarius people were slouching because they were feeling friendly and cool and besides they were watching too much TV and spending too much time on the computer. Slouching it seems, leads to too much fat and a diabetic stance.

Either way, Hands on Hips is back. Look around. You will notice. People will get up off the couch but their knees will hurt. So Knee socks? Ruled by Saturn, they are also back. The knitters are creating these masterworks of cabling and fair isle color patterns that belong in museums. If you're old and your knees are in pain coerce a knitter friend to make you a pair of knee warmers in Angora. It's consider the warmest yarn and is a folk remedy for Arthritis.

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Anonymous Marina said...

Oh how hilarious! I'm going to start looking out for this. I think your onto something. This looks like a great blog. Just discovered it.
Was the slouching, hands in pockets thing in the 80s? I remember doing a lot of that in an oversized dinner jacket I nicked off my dad. It stretched it out of all proportion.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hahah, yeah! Pluto was in Scorpio in the 80s, until mid 90s I think. That's when I noticed the start of the slouch.

Thanks for verifying my silly observations!

11:06 PM  

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