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Monday, February 01, 2010

Bad Shot - U.S. Missile Test Failure

Vandenberg Airforce Base has reported that a target practice missile that was launched this afternoon from Central California and missed its target in the Pacific Ocean.


The boo boo occurred Sunday afternoon and I can't tell if that's Marshall Islands' time or California time. Completely different charts.

Anyway, for the record, if anyone wants to look at a chart of a screw-up which is probably a good thing to study, this is the information I've got so far. I suppose the Sun-Mars Rx is a big issue in a chart that describes a missile intercept. A failed attempt might be indicated by Saturn, planet of over-achievement on the IC or bottom of the chart, especially since it's squaring Pluto on the Descendant.

A Sun-Mars Rx opposition might show a problem with the trigger but they say the reason for the mistake is said to be a problem with the radar. The Sun is conjunct Lilith. Don't know what that means really.

No mention of where the two missiles landed which really creeps me out.

Uranus is very close to the Midheaven in the launch time for the Marshall Islands, with Pluto on the Descendant and Saturn down in the 4th House. The planets are moved forward into the mutable houses if the Chart is used for the California time zone. Saturn is conjunct the IC in this chart.

Mercury rules the Marshall Island Launch Chart. Mercury is conjunct NN in Capricorn (H7). This brings in the Saturnian element again. In this chart the Moon is opposing Chiron-Neptune. Chiron, of course, can indicate all kinds of mistakes and things that don't work out.

Moon rules the Vandenberg Airforce Base launch chart. She is opposing Jupiter in Pisces for the California time zone chart.

Target missile launched from Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands.

The Killer Missile that screwed up launched was launched from Central California somewhere, I used Vandenberg Airforce Base which I think is in Lompoc. It was launched shortly after the Target missile.

January 31, 2010 3:40 pm

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