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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Big Foot Sightings!!!

Neptune rules the feet and Jupiter is currently in that sign. Since Jupiter enlarges everything it touches I sort of have been paying attention to what Fashion Designers are doing to people's feet. They're making em big! A double Pisces fashion designer, Alexander McQueen designed some huge shoes last year called "Lobster Shoes." They literally look like lobsters. They are huge. And they've really caught on. Turns out that McQueen was a double Pisces. Tragically, he committed suicide earlier this year just after Jupiter entered Pisces. The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square would have been hitting a huge opposition in his chart that includes the Nodal Axis, Sun, maybe Moon, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. His Mother had just died the week before. That's really sad.

I love big shoes, wear clogs all the time, so I began to wonder if there were currently more Big Foot sightings this year than in previous years. Big Foot is the hairy guy/media sensation who is seen every once in a while through his footprints or in photography. He is said to be 6-10 feet tall, weighs 500 pounds and is covered in hair. Sounds like those two containers of yogurt I put into the refrigerator last Spring. Maybe one of my Mother's old boyfriends from the 70s. Either way, I think he's a hoax. He doesn't seem to show up during Jupiter in Pisces transits either which is a real clue that he's not genuine (only my opinion of course).

There's a database which lists BigFoot sightings around the U.S. and Canada. http://www.bfro.net/GDB/ It looks from the Stats like Big Foot took a road trip through the U.S. last year, 2009. Perhaps an unemployed computer programmer? That costume is probably tax deductible and so is the gas. Jupiter was in Aquarius last year.

The Big Foot story has been around in the Pacific (I literally first typed Piscific) Northwest since the olden days. The Native Americans had a story. Stories like these are great to tell to the kids. It keeps them from getting up in the middle of the night and wandering off. Anyway, I wouldn't put it past the dark scary trees up in the Northwest to be containing a couple of these critters. There's room for all kinds of things that go boo up in those forests.

Then the lumberjacks came along. Some guy named Raymond L. Wallan had one of his friends carve him some big feet and he had himself pulled along the back of a truck to help him get a big stride. He was said to be a real practical joker. Anyway, this Big Foot footprints were discovered by other loggers around August 1958 in Del Norte, CA. They took plaster footprints and everything. Who knows?

Raymond L. Wallan
b. Apr. 21, 1918 Clarksdale, Missouri

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 26 Sagittarius; Jupiter 12 Gemini

Sighting Aug. 1958, Del Norte County, CA

Sun either Leo or Virgo; NN 2 Scorpio; New Moon in Leo around Aug. 14, Full Moon near end of Month in Virgo-Pisces

Well, Wallan's Jupiter was in Gemini and I'd assume that would be a great placement for a person who wanted to tell Tall Tales. Plus, he had natal Sun conjunct Mercury Rx squaring a conjunction of Saturn-Neptune in Leo. That's a lot of repressed creative talents, for sure. This guy was his own little Hollywood movie.

In 1967 two guys photographed Big Foot. They were named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. The film has always looked phoney to me and I was around 7 or 8 years old when I first saw it. A friend of Patterson's said that it was Patterson in an Ape Suit and I believe the friend.

That Sighting and Filming:
Oct. 20, 1967 either 1:20 pm or 3:30 pm Bluff Creek, CA

Sun 27 Libra; Moon 24 Taurus; ASC 10 Capricorn (1:30pm); 16 Aquarius (3:30pm); Jupiter 1 Virgo

There are discrepancies about the timing of the event. I'm delighted that we even have a choice. Which is the best Ascendant for an event that describes a guy walking around in an Ape's Suit? Capricorn or Aquarius? I pick Capricorn. Aquarius would dress up like a Gray and dash off in his UFO. However, when we look at Patterson's chart with the idea that he was the dude in the suit, we gonna pick Aquarius.

Roger Patterson
b. Feb. 14, 1926 Wall, South Dakota

Sun 26 Aquarius; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 24 Cancer

Those crazy Aquarians! Patterson was going through his Neptune square from Leo (N) to Scorpio (t) to the degree. Nobody believes anything anyone sees or does during their Neptune Square. This was a big one (so to speak) too! for Patteron because Neptune in his chart is involved in a big t-square opposing Sun conjunct Mercury and with apex Saturn in Scorpio. This is another Mercury-Saturn-Neptune connection. Hmm.

So then we bring in Patterson's but, a Libra, Robert Gimlin, who's basically celebrating his upcoming Solar Return.

Robert Gimlin
b. Oct. 18, 1931 don't know where

Sun 25 Libra; NN 5 Libra; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius

Gimlin also has a conjunction of Sun to Mercury. These guys all seem to have Sun-Mercury conjunctions. He was approaching a Jupiter Return and a Nodal Return so it was time for him to do something really fun.

Patterson had natal Jupiter in Aquarius and Grimlin has Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter was at 1 Virgo that day in a Grand Trine with Mars and the NN. So, we're not finding my Jupiter in Pisces anywhere involved. That must be when BigFoot hibernates. Sounds plausible. But we sure are finding a lot guys with Sun in strong aspect to Mercury and Neptune and that means ... I don't believe anything they say!

On the days of this sighting, the first filming, Mercury was stationing Rx in conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio and opposed by Moon at some point during that day. So the Sun-Mercury-Neptune connection is represented in the event chart as well.

In 2007 a Hunter named Rick Jacobs also filmed a Big Foot. This one looks pretty real. What can I say, the animation's getting better.

Big Foot filmed again
Sept. 16, 2007 Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Sun 24 Virgo; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 6 Pisces; Jupiter 13 Sagittarius

This is the most believable of the charts. There's a t-square with apex Sun squaring an opposition of Mars to Pluto. That's Big Scary, Monster stuff. Jupiter was at 13 Sagittarius and that's real close to my Descendant, though, so I may just be getting charmed by a fib, once again.

No birth chart for hunter Rick Jacobs. His lucky day. Maybe he's got the missing Jupiter in Pisces. They are so elusive. You know Neptune.

A Zoologist Dr. Fahrenbach says that he's gotten so close to Big Foot while on hiking trips that he could smell him. Ugh! What could be worse than the perfume lady at the department store? Answer: smelling BigFoot.

Here's a very legitimate report written by Fahrenbach about BigFoot's characteristics. http://www.bigfootencounters.com/biology/henner.htm

A 15.6" long foot. Wow! That's one hell of a big sock you'd have to knit. Buy me an extra skein! Wish Alexander McQueen were alive to design the BigFoot collection. Maybe he already did. Rest In Peace.

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Blogger California Girl said...

Two separate shows have been on recently (National Geographic Channel and Science Channel I believe) that each had info on bigfoot. Each used various experts such as dna evidence on hair samples, ridge patterns left in a footprint sent to a primate fingerprint/footprint expert, analysis of the Patterson film by persons who study motion etc. Each came up with the theory that more likely than not, there is some sort of very large primate in the US.
The man making footprints is a nice little story but unfortunately, he would not have been able to make the "foot" sink to the depth that an animal bigfoot's size would make.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Well, the family of the man who made the footprints admitted that he had been making the footprints. The Patterson film is obviously bogus and because it was made so long ago nobody's going to come up with DNA evidence to say otherwise.

That last film really did look like something non-human or superhuman. They say it was a mangy bear, I don't know.

Hair samples I'll believe. As far as the footprints go, it makes sense that they wouldn't match other primates. The people making them wouldn't have known the difference.

9:37 AM  

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