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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Robert Blaschke on Mercury in Taurus Rx.

Robert Blaschke talks about the current Mercury Rx in Taurus online over at The Mountain Astrologer. Found it while looking for information about Goldman Sachs who was just accused by the Feds of screwing up. Hey, did you hear about what the folks at the SEC were doing while Goldman Sachs was screwing up? They were watching Porn via their workplace internet connection. One employee logged 8 hours worth on his Government Issue computer. Ah, the Good Old Days. Now those are the charts that I'd like to take a look at.

This Mercury Rx is a baddie, or a "longie," as Blaschke calls it. 128 day Synodic Cycle. The SEC will have to go for 128 days without porno, I guess.

This one is on my 12th house cusp, health problems and computer hackers.


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