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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready For Your Close Up, Old Man

Rachel Sussman is a photographer who has been traveling around the world taking pictures of the world's oldest living organisms.

She was written about in a recent New Scientist Magazine article (April something something). Some of her photos are included on New Scientist website along with her own website.

I was happy to find that California, land that currently builds most buildings with the idea that they will be standing for only about 20 years, also houses a large percentage of the world's least transient plants.

We have Sequoias in the Mountains, and Creosote Bushes in the Mohave and down by L.A. in the White Mountains there is an old pine tree called "The Old Man" which is thought to be the world's oldest tree, currently about 4773 years old.

Things that grow very old are said to grow very slowly. Old Man stays alive by looking like he's dead all over except for one branch which sprouts leaves at a time. In 2002 he was said to be 4767 years old! That's where I tried to get his current date from.

This means that he would have sprouted around 2765 B.C. give or take a year and a typo or two.

In 2765 B.C. exactly there was a conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and the North Node in Cancer which opposed Neptune at 2 Capricorn. So, Pluto is passing over Old Man's natal Neptune. Kind of interesting that his picture gets taken right now and presented to the World. That is an Aries Point which brings one before the world (according to Noel Tyl). Pluto rules "Fame" and Neptune rules "Photography." Let's hope it doesn't equal another of Noel Tyl's explanation of Neptune-Pluto transits which is "Wipe Out."

Either way Old Man has got some Cardinal Sign action going right now in his chart if this is the correct date. Pluto was in mid-Taurus back then. This means that both Saturn and Pluto were in signs of their detriment. Old Man's whereabouts are kept hidden in order to keep people away. Hope this secret is maintained. Probably some pot growers will think he's a weed and douse him with Round-Up. I guess an actual researcher murdered another very old tree.

Uranus, planet of cycles and returns imo, is in Pisces. So, Old Man's been going through a Uranus Return right now.


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