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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Toilet to Tap"

It's a Barnum and Bailey World, that's for sure. Here's a reason not to stop in Orange County to eat when driving through California. These folks are currently drinking their piss. They were bowled over by some engineer who "educated them" on how NASA Astronauts drink their own pee while in space and so they can too. So back in 2007 the County began to filter its sewer water in order to turn it into drinking water. They actually bought the pitch! I read about it in the Water issue of National Geographic.

Even if this were a good idea. Even if infrastructure didn't break down after multiple years of use. Even if employees were fully competent and didn't make any mistakes. This is still just bad design. Orange County is next to the ocean and if there's one thing they'll have plenty of in the future it's going to be Ocean Water. So, a desalination plant would make sense. NASA engineers don't have sea water in space, that's why they didn't develop the technology.

I remember once my brother came in from surfing and said that the French were installing panels out on the cliffs to try to trap the fog and turn it into water. The French are cool. The French are a little annoying but overall they always do nice things for us. They gave us the Statue of Liberty. They want to serve us liquid clouds to drink from off the shores of La Jolla.

This guy down in Orange County is creepy. He even admits that he wants to develop the process so he can sell it to the Arab countries who need it. Orange County is his cage of lab rats. This is just disgusting. I've had Salmonella. I almost died. There was even a story about an astronaut who got Salmonella on a space flight. NASA wouldn't say what was the cause so I was trying to figure out what the cause was through astrology. HaHa! Shit, in every sense of the word.

So I found a New York Times Article dated Nov. 27, 2007 which said that Orange County was going to start flushing the next Friday. (lost the link)

The chart is kaka:

"Toilet To Tap" Indirect Potable Water Reuse
Nov. 30, 2007 Fountain Valley, CA

Sun 9 Sagittarius; Moon 1 Virgo; NN 2 Pisces

The North Node was just about finished with his 1.5 year transit through the sign that rules Poison and Deception and Hidden Enemies. Good one, Orange County. Mercury, the planet of communicable diseases was squaring the Nodal Axis from 29 Scorpio. Scorpio is the other sign that rules poison. And there was a Moon-Saturn conjunction. It's in Virgo sign of Public Health, but it's on the South Node. Isn't Moon on the South Node one of the worst placements?

There's tons of outer planet stuff going on.

Of course, anything goes at the County Water Department during a mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune. Just try taking a shower or washing your clothes in the Silicon Valley.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. Success!!! Irrational Exuberance. The same people who bought 700,000 mortgages off a 15,000 year income are now drinking their neighbor's pee.

Jupiter at 26 degrees (Galactic Center) and Pluto at 29 degrees (Aries Point). Orange County victimized by people halfway across the globe who are so scared of their own shit they only use their left hands for wiping.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition (man made) was just forming. And the Sun was squaring it. Hubris?

The real clinker is Mars. Mars is placed in its fall in the sign of Cancer, Hearth and Home. Mars is Retrograde. Mars is out of bounds. Mars is lead planet in a Locomotive chart. That's some gnarly fire water you're brewing down there, Orange County.

Progressed Mars comes out of retrograde for this chart around the year 2068. Wonder what that means.

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Blogger California Girl said...

For decades, the story has been that if Riverside County quit dumping into the Santa Ana River, OC would have nothing to drink. So its been going on a bit longer.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Oh no! Well, it could be worse. Thank God it wasn't coming from San Bernardino.

9:10 AM  

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