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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check Out George Washington

Those New York City Librarians are real sticklers for borrowers who don't return their books. New York's oldest library, the New York Society Library, was going through their old circulation ledgers and found that The Father of Our Country, Mr. W., checked out a book on Oct. 5, 1789 and never returned it. The noive! The Story from Yahoo!


Well, Washington was a Pisces so he probably just lost the book somewhere or forgot to return it or lent it to someone else who didn't know it had to be returned. Who knows where things go once a Pisces takes possession. Pisces aren't supposed to believe in materialism.

The President had a Capricorn Moon so of course everything he did comes back to haunt him. That's a major guilt trip Moon. Remember the stupid Cherry Tree. The guy was always having to confess. At any rate, George Washington's official library down in Virginia has replaced the book, The Law of Nations by Emer de Vattel, so all's good.

But, wow, what's the Astrology look like? Guess we start by taking a look at Mercury (books and libraries) and pan on out from there.

George Washington
b. Feb. 22, 1732 10:00 am Wakefield Corner, WA

Sun 4 Pisces; Moon 17 Capricorn; ASC 16 Taurus; MC 28 Capricorn; NN 27 Sagittarius

The President had South Node in Gemini in the 2d House of possessions. That shows the problems related to Books and Libraries and Telling fibs and of being accused of stealing things. The Sadge North Node wants to read the heady stuff but the Gemini South Node, to be honest, gets a little bored.

Natal Mercury is 7 Aquarius up in the 10th House conjunct the Midheaven. That explains the telling of the Little White Lies coming out into the public and cleansing the masses in an Honest Abe style Aquarian fashion. (It also means that he was pretty smart and would have actually understood what a book with such a boring title would be talking about).

Mercury is in a wide Grand Trine with Neptune and Jupiter so Books and Little Indiscretions just seem to get lost in a rosy little vortex for this guy. No worries, they spin out of the cycle when the public is ready to receive them and we're are cleansed in a mass purification of good will and forgiveness. Really, George, God Speed, Peace out.

So, now we move on to the date that George Washington made eye contact with the Librarian at the New York Society Library who was probably gushing and blushing and giggling and practically ready to pee from excitement.

Book checked out
Oct. 5, 1879 New York City, NY

Sun 13 Libra; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 22 Scorpio

Wow, wonder what was going on with George on this day aside from his visit to the library. I wonder where his head was really at. He was just passing out of conjunction of t.Neptune to natal Pluto in Libra. That's what Noel Tyl calls "Wipe Out." It's more of a time for reading something written by Thich Nhat Hanh or at least a 1,500 NASA manual for how to build a spaceship that's designed to leave the solar system. One wouldn't really be copacetic with mere Laws of Nations, I don't care how outre Francois the writer was.

The Sun was conjunct George's natal Jupiter which was widely conjunct natal Pluto in Libra which maybe explains that something big was brewing.

Mercury was at 7 Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus. This would have been placed over Washington's ASC/DESC. That's why the Librarian has such a long memory (Moon) about what Mr. President checked out (Mercury). Venus was also in conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio which was in conjunction with Washington's natal Mars in Scorpio. Transiting Pluto was squaring all of this. So that makes me think that after the Library there was a trip to the Brothel and that's where the book got lost, so to speak. Maybe he was feverish and got a new set of teeth that day and the book was lost at the Dentist's office.... How would I know?

Progressed Chart is very interesting. Progressed Sun had just changed signs from Aries to Taurus so his ego was switching over onto a different platform than General Major General in Aries and was now getting interested in what the Bankers were doing. And progressed Mars had just stationed Rx in Sagittarius and was conjunct Uranus. Was the Revolution over by this point? George was just gearing up. Can't think of what that would mean regarding the damn book but am interested to see what was going on in Washington's personal life around this time.

That went too far. Now we look at the Return Date which was yesterday.

Book returned
May 19, 2010 New York, NY

Sun 29 Taurus; Moon Leo; NN 15 Capricorn

Sun in George's first house. That's a good start.

The North Node hit Washington's self punishing Capricorn Moon along with Pluto and we clear up some old karmic faux pas. Whew, what a relief. You know he's been waiting for Pluto to hit this spot ever since he got to Heaven and had control over such things.

Mars was in Leo, the same sign that it was on the day that the book was checked out. Good aspect for doing noble deeds like returning library books 221 years too late.

And Saturn was opposing natal Saturn. And Saturn right now is doing the heavy in a big outer planet t-square opposing Uranus-Jupiter and squaring Pluto. The Rules is the Rules and President Washington knew this as well as anybody.

And t. Mercury, ruler of Libraries and Books, is at 5 Taurus, sign which rules money. That's in between the spot where Washington's where progressed Sun and prog. Mercury were at the time that he checked out the book (1 and 12 Taurus respectively).

If Washington were not dead and were obligated to pay late fees he would owe the New York Society Library more than $300,000 in past due fines. Good thing the Librarian isn't trying to be a Banker which is what Taurus is all about. She/he isn't collecting the fines. That would be cause for dismissal.

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