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Monday, August 09, 2010

The DSM-5: Everything a Squirrel Can Do To a Clipboard

Probably the most anticipated publication of a book in modern times will be the publication of the new edition of the DSM, or "Diagnostic Something-Something Manual." This is the Bible of Modern Culture that categorizes the nuts and whackos into finely tuned #'s and ensures that at least half of undergraduates in the United States get degrees in psychology and have employment after graduation. So, next time you have to sit at your 8 to 5 job next to a hungover co-worker who goes on and on about how her child has the ADHD and her friend's kid have the Autism and her ex-boyfriend is a sociopath and her sister is a paranoid schizophrenic, you know where to go to read more.

There's a little newspaper freebie that's handed out in the Silicon Valley called The Epoch Times which hopefully is handed out all over the world and will be handed out more and more. The articles are great. The newspaper covers articles about worldly events written by people who live in those places and thus write about with a local sort of concern and perspective. The August 5 issue has an unbelievable story about how China is removing and selling organs from anyone who it jails for social re-activeness against their government. That's the important article, printed near the front of the paper, but towards the back there is a great article about psychiatry's newest Trojan horse. Apparently, the psychiatrists not only can treat only a handful of the disorders which they diagnose, but they are observing so many more which they feel ought to be included for future insurance company lawsuits. It's called "breaking down the patient into tiny little pieces so that he will never ever get away." After this thing is published psychiatrists will be able to diagnose their patients for disorders which they can sense will occur 20 years down the line. So young people will live under this hellish, dehumanizing umbrella for the rest of their lives. Well, if you can't help em, you might as well hurt em.

The article in the Epoch Times is called "DSM-5 'shrinks the pool of normality to a puddle'" and is written by The One Click Group: www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/news.php?start=3760&end=3780&view=yes&id=5051#newspost.

I'm going to remind myself that this is the profession that's been dumping anti-d's down the general public and has only recently discovered that the curative powers of said med's are basically placebo. Meanwhile, they haven't quite yet admitted that there's a whole generation of folks with wrecked livers and gall bladders or whatever organ is responsible for the diabetes. Let us also not forget the environmental impact of these great experiments. The main pharmaceuticals that have been found to be currently poisoning the fish in the oceans are psychiatric drugs. Remember what goes in has to come out. Current filtration systems can't remove them. Meanwhile it turns out that eating what used to be fish used to help with mental disorders. (The DSM doesn't include a chapter on nutrition, so how could they possibly such a science exists?)

The "Get Help folks", oh my God. And yeah, the article says that anybody diagnosed as Eccentric in any way will now be diagnosed as Mentally Ill.

I think, but am not sure, that they are managing to do a positive thing. This new edition will stop saying that homosexuality is a mental illness. (What took so long?). Is the Task Force Gay? Are they doing for the straight people what the Gay Male Fashion Designers have done for Anorexic girls in society?

So, Facism's finest hour will be in May, 2013. There goes my theory that the Grand Trines of that year will form great new civilizations on earth.

There's a task force that's working diligently on the new DSM-5. Here's the link:


DSM-5's new leaders are David J. Kupfer, M.D. (Task Force Chair) and Darrel A. Regier, M.D. (Task Force Vice Chair). No birth date availability.

And there's some nut on the force who's last name is Wonkers! On no! I misread that. Someone's last name is Yonkers and the person right before her on the list is named Womack and I just immediately put the two together. Sorry, my bad, a Gemini Rising error, one of many. There's all kind of borderline psychiatry in the Task Force list, names like McNulty. Swedo. Skwado. You say Tomato, I say Tomahto. I doubt a patient would choose people with names like these as Doctors so no wonder these folks joined the Task Force (emphasis on the word "Force").

Okay, I don't have anger issues about how incompetent the psychiatric profession continues to be. Really I don't. (well, yeah, maybe I do) I just want to know who to blame this latest fiasco on. Is the DSM-5 going to be the fault of the Pluto in Leos or the Pluto in Virgos? (answer: Pluto in Leos, but with some major ass-wiping by the P in V's). The fact that they are diagnosing people for disorders that the people don't even have yet shows that authority is something which these folks really enjoy abusing. The last thing you want to do is to tell a Pluto in Virgo that he really can't see the Forest for the Trees. Virgo just doesn't want to leave anyone out so he could possibly include a diagnosis for absolutely everone on the planet (except himself, of course, self preservation is the Virgo's fighting song after all and if there's not a psych major out there who doesn't know how to blame others through that amazing b.s. called "projection" I haven't met him).

This tome will be the Frankenstein of the current inhumane t-square combination of Saturn-Uranus and Pluto in Control Freak Capricorn. It will be a reaction to what the Pluto in Cancer folks did in the psychiatric field, which actually was pretty good because some of those folks really did care about their patients. They were just too touchy feely. It's taken two generations to erase that song "Feelings" from all the elevator soundtracks. At any rate, the Pluto in Cancers took the electrodes away from the Pluto in Gemini's (God, was that fun or what?) and then I guess they either sent them down to Guantanamo or sold them to the Chinese for torturing their people into submission. Here's a description from the Epoch Times article "Organ Harvesting Witness Faces Deportation to China:"

I'd like to cry a little over man's inhumanity to man, but I can't anymore on account of what the DSM Task Force is doing. The story is about a guy from Dubai who was working as an executioner's assistant in China until he argued with his boss about how much a Kidney is really worth on the market. In China, they don't fire you, you flee the country. Just look at what the Chinese can do with all those old electro shock machines that were just gathering dust in the store rooms across America, so thrifty:

"I saw many scenes of torture ... an electrical appliance on women's genitals, deeply thrust into the vagina, the electric shocks, the scream." The guy's name is Nijat Abudureyimu. As I said, he's the real story in this edition of the paper. After all, the shrinks are here to help U & Me.

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Blogger VernC said...

Unfortunately, the ECT machines are fine and up and running in the US. A single, divorced or widowed woman is automatically twice as likely to receive ECT treatments in the US once she turns retirement age since it will be covered by medicare. Feature that!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Nice. Sexism in psychiatry. Another statistical study which will be forever omitted from the annals. And the Flintstones who are working for the Government.

11:01 AM  

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