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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dangerous Space Station Repairs

Two astronauts are tethered to the Space Station right now in the 1st of a 2-day long mission to switch out a busted 780 pound Ammonia Pump which has crippled the Air Conditioning on the Space Station.

With Pluto conjunct the North Node I suppose, but won't commit to the idea, that things can go wrong in outer space for earthlings. That's because of previous research and that amazing article about the Challenger over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic blog. Pluto and the North Node are in a difficult t-square aspect to the Saturn opposition to Jupiter and Uranus and these planets are in prominent places at the Beginning of Cardinal Signs on the Astrological Wheel.

The Sun is in Leo today and the Moon is in Cancer. I have to look up what rules Air Conditioning and cooling systems. Circulatory Systems are ruled by Uranus. Coolness would be indicated by Earth and Water and I'll have to find Rex Bills to know what else specifically.

And I also need to know what the Space Station's sign is.

The Heroic Astronauts who are doing today's job are both Fixed Signs and their natal Sun are being challenged by the transiting Sun. The Sun is courageous and likes a Challenge and an Adventure. Both astronauts have Moon either in Leo or Virgo. Leo for keeping things upbeat and Virgo for doing a good job.

Douglas H. Wheelock has a natal Grand Earth Trine between Jupiter 4 Capricorn Rx, Mercury-Venus 2-3 Taurus and Pluto 4 Virgo. Today's Pluto is conjunct his natal Jupiter and so it and the rest of the transiting planets in the t-square are testing how much such and good luck Wheelock can have.

Douglas H. Wheelock
b. May 5, 1960 Binghamton, NY

Sun 16 Taurus; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 23 Virgo Rx

Tracy Caldwell Dyson has an interesting transit right now. She is not only going through her Uranus Opposition (innovation, space travel, electrical, gadgets) but she is going through a Jupiter Opposition. That is, Dyson has a natal conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus at beginning degrees Libra which is opposed right now by the transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries. Since a person going through this aspect would feel like he is walking around in anti-gravity boots anyway it's pretty awesome that this astronaut is doing it for realsies. I used to have a great roommate named Tracy who shares Dyson's birthday.

Tracy Caldwell Dyson
Aug. 14, 1969 Arcadia, CA

Sun 22 Leo; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 23 Pisces Rx.

Dyson has a natal conjunction of Pluto 24 Virgo to South Node 23 Virgo which is reflected in today's aspect.

Her progressed Sun, Mercury and Uranus are also at the beginning of Libra and connected into the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. That sure does add to the imagery of electrical tape and monkey wrenches. This squares progressed Mars at 3 Capricorn. She has a lot of progressed planets which have just changed signs so she's definitely entering a new phase of life.

The Cancer Moon today is passing over Dyson's natal Venus-Lilith conjunction. Doug Wheelock has a conjunction of Sun and Venus at 4 degrees Cancer. This hooks into the t-square transit and the Moon as well. They are covering each others' backs right now. They are probably talking about how much they miss real food and their families. Of course, that's where the Moon is according to us earthlings. I have no idea where it is from the vantage point of the space station.

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