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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dr. Franz Halberg - Chronobiology

Now that the Sun has woken up we can perhaps expect more problems with Heart Attacks. At least in Minnesota where Dr. Franz Halberg has spent more than 50 years studying Chronobiology in humans this might be the case. Working at the University of Minnesota Halberg has found that Heart Attacks occur on a 10.5 year cycle which correlates with the Solar Cycle. He has also found significant cycles in human healing relating to 7 days and 1.3 years and others.

A fascinating article about Halberg published in Minnesota Medicine (2005; 88(110); 26) called "Father Time" by Kim Kizer.

Dr. Halberg has doubled the cure rate of cancerous tumors simply by determining the best time to treat the patients. His wife was one of his patients. He has also found that chances for stroke can be greatly reduced by following individual blood pressure fluctuations in patients. Even treatment can be enhanced by following the individual cycles of a human.

“One of the big mistakes that’s made
is to believe that we can treat by clock hours,” he says. “We
have to treat by body times.”

Source: http://www.msi.umn.edu/~halberg/FaTime.pdf

Dr. Franz Halberg
B. July 5, 1919 Romania (no town given so I set chart for Bucharest)

Sun 13 Cancer; Moon Libra; NN 2 Sagittarius

I was looking for the Significance of Saturn in Dr. Halberg's chart, especially to see if Saturn relates to Pluto because I remembered that the guy who created the Atomic Clock had a strong Sun-Saturn-Pluto link. Well, that's wrong of course because we're not looking for Atomic timing (I'm not sure if it really is the Atomic clock, could be something else, is just very precise, I wrote about him somewhere on this blog). Anyway, with Pluto in Capricorn which is Saturn's sign of rulership I guess we will learn all kinds of things about timing and will return to the fine science of direct observation. Halberg has natal Sun in Cancer which is the sign opposite Capricorn and his Sun is conjunct natal Pluto in Cancer. So, that's the Sun-Pluto connection. That shows a caring Doctor who is receptive to his patients' needs (I think they've become obsolete these days) and who also excels at research. And his Saturn is in Leo so it disposits to the Sun.

Natal Saturn is conjunct Venus and is opposing Uranus. Now this makes sense. Uranus rules cycles and circulatory systems. Have to say that I don't understand Venus' relevance here except to say that Halberg has worked his whole life with the women in his family, his wife and his daughters. Venus rules harmonizing, balancing, etc. It's probably a very overlooked planet in researcher's charts.

Much of Halberg's research surrounds illnesses related to the heart which really shows the significance of his Saturn (Timing). He has 4 planets in the sign of Leo. Mercury is conjunct Neptune at the beginning of Leo and Venus is conjunct Saturn at the end of Leo.

Very interesting to observe the progressions of Mercury and the Sun. Because of a Retrograde roughly between the years 1947 and 1970, Halberg' progressed Mercury didn't leave Leo until until 1985. It was in conjunction with the Saturn-Uranus opposition in his chart for much of that time which could explain why he was able to concentrate so strongly on these specific observations. (It's an out of sign opposition, Uranus is at 2 Pisces Rx but has backtracked into Aquarius for his entire life). The progressed Sun passed through Leo for 30 years. It his Mercury-Saturn around 1967-68-69.

The influence of Dr. Halberg's Uranus is further emphasized in his chart as it is the handle of a Sling Chart. Solar Fire distinguishes between sling charts and bucket charts I guess. It looks as if Uranus is set off from the rest of the planets which are within a bundle. Either way, this puts an emphasis on innovation, new thoughts, futuristic thinking and, within the body, the circulatory system and cycles and also the shins and ankles. He also has no planets in Earth. We tend to be attracted to whatever our charts lack and this is perhaps why such a futurist stuck with Western Medicine and Science. It sounds as if nobody is disputing his research, they're just more interested in making pills these days than in figuring out how to administer them. Halberg's Venus is just coming out of Retrograde this year in the sign of Virgo so perhaps the damned AMA will finally come around.

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Blogger tagundnacht said...

Prof. Halberg's birthday is July, 5th, 1919 not July, 8th!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Argh! Thank you for pointing this out. Fortunately, I think it is only a typo. I calculated the chart for July 5.

1:55 PM  

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