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Monday, August 02, 2010

Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! Pluto c. NN in Capricorn

So, have you ever been in that really obnoxious spot where a Saturnian person is telling you that your life is fucked up and you're being a pain in the ass? And you get all defensive and feel bad that you have a problem. And then afterwards you think about the Capricorn/Saturn person's life and realize that the Capricorn is more fucked up than you are and is basically just taking the blame out on you? Well, here we go. This rides lasts through the end of the year, just in time for the Capricorn's next birthday.

I've been saying that the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square would bring issues regarding infrastructure. Turns out everything's falling apart. Well, not everything. And things fall apart no matter what. They just seem to really stand out when you've been expecting it to happen for the last 2 years or so.

Kind of interesting how the things that are falling apart are connected with things that are creating the most pollution on earth. That old Butter Commercial saying "You can't fool Mother Nature" keeps popping into my head these days. If any planet reminds me of that saying it would probably be Pluto. Pluto is so deeply connected with the deep underworkings of nature. Capricorn doesn't hurt, of course, being an Earth Sign, and also having the difficult pictogram of a Goat who tries to climb to the very peak of earth's mountains but is stuck with a fish's tail which hooks him into the deepest parts of the waters. That's the Capricorn guilt thing. The higher you go the farther you have to fall unless you give everything away. Other people aren't concerned with these problems, they don't get caught, but the Capricorns get busted if they don't follow the script.

So, there are so many infrastructure collapses lately this is just really dazzling. I keep saying that we really need to advance into the Jetson's age. Just leave the infrastructure behind and let everyone levitate. Of course, I have no idea how we're going to do that, but might as well dream. Right? The asphalt, the railroads, the exhaust engines. Good bye. Wouldn't it be nice?

Funny how with Pluto conjunct NN in Capricorn all the spillage and sewage is just fighting back at us. We've lost control of how we handle our toxics and wastes. Once Saturn and Jupiter move on there will just be this long Uranus-Pluto square passing back and forth. I doubt that's good for the arts but it sure will provide incentive for innovation and design. And Jupiter and Saturn will be doing a Grand Triny thing so there will be some sort of social awareness of sorts. As I'm not a real advocate for mass mentality and peer pressure situations I don't know how that will turn out. Sort of sterile innovation and design but some people like that. And it might actually be clean if we keep the Virgos employed by the droves to do a perfect job (so the Virgos brag, at least)

The International Space Station is having some emergency problems. Where's Will Robinson's robot right about now? One of their air conditioning units blew a fuse late SAturday. Love how these news reports don't mention the actual date so you have to fumble back and forth with a calendar and sort of guess. I suppose NASA will eventually have an actual time for the circuit breaker trip (so Mars-Saturn-Uranus). Anyway, remember the connections between Space stuff and Pluto-Nodes. Learning Curve on the Ecliptic wrote a great piece about the Challenger Disaster. And that one Astronaut early on saw aliens on one space flight. They'll be ok but they're having a stressful week. There are articles on the Internet discussing how the Space Shuttle blast offs and air conditioning are major polluters of the ozone.

In July in the U.S. two Dams broke

Tempe Town Lake, AZ
July 20, 2010 shortly before 10 pm a loud bang was heard

Something about a rubberized dam blowing apart

Pisces was Rising and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries was in the first house. Suppose that conjunction and the Pisces Rising could indicate Rubber. This was opposing the Mars-Saturn conjunction in H7 and squaring Pluto-NN up in the 10th. So the big t-square was on the angles. Chart ruler Neptune was in the 12th House and was stand out as a singleton in Air. But the big singleton was the Sun 29 Cancer in H5. The Sun was unaspected by major aspect to other planets in both house placement (succedent) and element (Water). It was in a Grand Trine with the Moon 3 Sagittarius and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

In Iowa much greater damage was done at Lake Delhi. This was caused by 10" of rain and a breaching of the dam walls. Kind of interesting that the chart shows an absence of planets in Water signs. The Dam was built 1922-29 so it was going through a Uranus Return.

July 24, 2010 Delhi, Iowa Water Cascading 10:30 am

This chart is sort of an upside down version of the Tempe Arizona Chart with Virgo Rising and with the Mars-Saturn conjunction on the Ascendant. Jupiter-Uranus is in the 7th and is squaring Pluto-NN and even Moon in Capricorn down in the 4th House (Moon is widely past conjunction with Pluto but I'm not sure if this is the actual time of the break).

Interesting that there was a witness who saw this whole thing from 150 feet away. His name is Fred DeShane (52 years old?).

So here we go. China said that it had contained its oil spill by July 26 but China is a Libra and paints a rosy picture so now we've got some new bulletins saying that they're having problems too. So, the U.S. and China are both Cardinal Sun Signs and now we get to see what happens to Cardinal Sun Signs during a Pluto transit (no one's going to kiss these ough-ie's).

China - Xingang Oil Spill, Yellow Sea off coast of Dalian, Liaoning province

July 16, 2010 6:20 pm 1st pipeline exploded. Triggered 2d pipeline explosion. Source.

Sun 24 Cancer (H7); Moon 29 Virgo (H8); ASC 8 Capricorn; MC 3 Scorpio; NN 12 Capricorn

The Pluto-NN conjunction is right on the Ascendant.

The Sun is one degree away from the spot where the Moon was (23 Cancer) during the Deepwater Horizon Spill.

Don't know if this is significant but this points to the two Solar Eclipses for this year. The Jan. 15 Solar Eclipse (Annular) had a conjunction of Sun-Moon at 26 Cancer. The July 11 Solar Eclipse (Total) had a Sun-Moon Eclipse at 20 Cancer.

Mercury for the China Oil Spill (called the Xingang Port Oil Spill) is also conjunct within a few degrees the spot where Mars was in Leo during the Deepwater Horizon (Gulf) Oil Spill.

I can't get the image of the employees covered in tar out of my head. It's heroic but I wish it hadn't happened.

Of course, the Saturn-Uranus/Jupiter-Pluto t-square is going to be involved here. This shows breakdowns in infrastructure. Uranus 1 Aries is conjunct Jupiter 4 Aries. Interesting how it doesn't seem to matter that their exit from Pisces, which rules Oil and Oceans, doesn't seem to make much difference.

Perhaps a big part of these Oil Spills is the Pluto-NN conjunction in Capricorn (peak of civilization, beginnings of the Fall, structures). In the Xingang Port Oil Spill Pluto is conjunct the NN and they are hovering right over the Ascendant. Pluto rules both of the recent Solar Return Charts that I mentioned.

Also, Pisces, sign which rules Oil and Gas is enclosed in Houses 2 and 8 in this chart. Neptune is still in Aquarius (manmade inventions) but it is in conjunction with Chiron (things man can not help) on the first degree of Pisces. Lilith is also there. Don't know how to interpret that other than to say that Lilith is always "there." Kind of interesting to note Venus's connection in both Deepwater Horizon Chart and Xingang Port Oil Spill chart. Venus is squaring Lilith-Neptune-Chiron in the Gulf Oil Spill. And she's opposing that same combination in the Chinese Chart.

The Moon in this chart is conjunct Saturn the chart ruler and Mars. They are in the 8th House. Saturn is on the same degree spot (30 Virgo) in both charts, but he's Rx in the first chart.


The U.S. doesn't want to be out-done, of course, in anything, let alone disasters. So to accompany the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill we have added some others recently. This is obviously a Terrorist Plot.

I think I mentioned this one:

Red Butte Creek Oil Spill (rupture pipeline)
June 11-12, 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah

Sun 22 Gemini; ASC 7 Capricorn; Moon 18 Aquarius; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 11 Capricorn

New Moon
Pluto c. NN c. ASC in Capricorn
Ruler of Chart, Saturn in House 8
Jupiter-Uranus in H3

Talmadge Creek Oil Spill
July 26, 2010 9:45 (am?) Kalamazoo, Calhoun, Michigan (Ruptured pipeline)

Sun 4 Leo; Moon 10 Aquarius; ASC 11 Virgo; MC 7 Gemini; NN 11 Capricorn

Full Moon houses 5 and 11
Mars c. Saturn, big t-square on angles
Chart ruler Mercury in H12 opposing Neptune-Chiron-Lilith

Bartania Bay Gulf of Mexico (tugboat collision with Orphaned Well).
July 27, 2010 1:00 AM Jefferson Parish, LA

Sun 5 Leo; Moon 18 Aquarius; ASC 18 Taurus; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 11 Capricorn

Just after the Full Moon,
Sun conjunct IC
Mars 28 Virgo c. Saturn 1 Libra opposing Uranus 1 Aries
Chart ruler Venus unaspected by major aspect to other planets. We're going to have to blame the mermaids for this one.

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