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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boycott "Mel's" Strawberries

The California Coast doesn't get the conventional seasonal weather. Our "weather" is composed of much different factors. We have a rainy season which varies widely each year. Often there is a week of freezing temperatures which can kill much of the Citrus crops. Succulents which are outside sort of deflate like balloons. Then during the Summer we have "brown out" in which most of the landscape along the coastline turns yellows and orange and brown. I like to think that there are Earthquake Seasons although that's not based on any kind of regular rhythm. Northern California often has earthquakes during April and October. Southern California has them during January and July. And there are no set rules for this.

A few years ago while living in Watsonville which is an agricultural area south of Santa Cruz and north of Monterey, I got to learn about "the Pesticide Seasons." The locals don't like to talk about this. Sometimes you hear about 20 year old kids getting leukemia and colon cancer and stuff like that. And people drive like total assholes during these times due to uncontrollable fits of rage that seem to come from nowhere.

I lived out in the middle of some apple orchards. Twice during the year that I lived there helicopters would fly overhead all night long and the next day I would feel really sick.

So, around January, the ground is prepared (disinfected) for planting of strawberries. They blast it with pesticides so that a certain type of insect that destroys the Strawberry crop can't live. Every year it's bad. The locals won't say anything. I just remember people saying they had headaches. They would also walk really rigid and some people got Parkinson's.

My cat developed a stomach Cancer in January and died in February. I went to an animal grief group with two other women who lived within a mile of where I had lived (I actually moved at the end of that January). My cat was already old and sickly. But the other two women had young animals who died unexpectedly.

This year, for some reason, the farmers have decided to begin using a Pesticide which is even more toxic than the one which was probably used the year that I lived in Watsonville. They are doing this for the money and for whatever other reason. The immigrants who spray the chemicals often don't use them correctly. I remember that once they just dropped some big canisters of a highly toxic pesticide on the side of the road because they didn't know what to do with it.

And so, read this: http://www.montereyherald.com/ci_16863409

Read this about "Mel" the chemical which will be used: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methyl_iodide

And buy only organic. Non-Organic Strawberries, by the way, are considered the most toxic fruits you can eat anyway. The pesticides stay right in the plant.

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