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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

Saturn and Pluto are now out of orb of the challenging t-square to Jupiter and Uranus. So now we can see what this big conjunction is all about. Jupiter and Uranus have been hanging out together for a long time over the most important spot of the Astrological Wheel, the Pisces-Aries cusp.

These planets rule the signs which are next to Capricorn on the Astrological Wheel. That is, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Uranus rules Aquarius. They are often considered the planets which show mankind working together at his highest achievement. Actually the best would be Capricorn but since Capricorn is the sign at the top of the chart it sort of has a problem with guilt and karma which makes Astrologers not want to talk about it. But, Astrologers often have a lot of bias and subjectivity, that's why the scientists hate Astrologers. And that's why the Wheel rolls round and round.

What I realized is that while looking at the current Solstice chart which has Jupiter-Uranus in the 9th House I didn't say that this could show a lot of innovation and progress in the Aeronautics industry. And then I heard on a radio show that NASA may get together to have a major conference on their recent discoveries in searching for planets outside our solar system which may promote life as we know it. They've already found some creepy bug out in the California boondocks that thrives off of arsenic. And with these two planets, which together rule Aviation, passing over the point of the Wheel which rules the spark of life, wouldn't that just be so cool?

At any rate, that conjunction is a major part of what the first part of this year is about. I looked up an astrology website which discusses the Retrogrades of 2011 and can't remember the one I saw which pointed out that the Mercury Retrogrades this year happen in (mostly) Fire signs. Last year they were in Earth Signs. Boy, something was wrong, wasn't it? This year started on a Mercury REtrograde in Sagittarius.

Venus and Mars don't make and Retrogrades this year. So many bad things happened last year but it seemed that often they were balanced out by the work of very capable people. We've had some real heros. I've also been getting harassed almost compulsively by my amigos folks who don't enter countries legally types. It turns out that if someone puts garlic in your gas tank it turns the Check Engine Light off. Boy, I feel like doing an art project where I just hang all kind of locks out on a tree and let these assholes practice picking them. Maybe they'll leave my shit alone (only kidding, they enjoy laughing at you while they hurt you).

Last degrees of Pisces/1st degrees of Aries. Where's that spot in my chart? 10th House? Hahaha. Oh well, this prediction project doesn't work. Forget I ever said anything.


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