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Monday, January 03, 2011

Jerry Brown - Governor of Christmas Past and Christmas Present

Is Jerry Brown a Buddhist or a Jesuit? I can't remember. Was just wondering whether or not he even celebrates Christmas as the title of this post suggests.

Brown is once again Governor of the Late Great State of California. Yayyy! Will sure be interesting to see how the interpretations of his chart change among the old hippie generation. Brown was called Governor Moonbeam during his first run. His weirdness as a "leader" earned him that name because he didn't live in the Governor's mansion and he drove something like an old Pinto around. And he dated pop singer Linda Ronstadt. He probably even wore sideburns and a wide psychedelic tie. What Steve Jobs did for Computers (and for California), that's what Jerry Brown did for California.

Brown's got a natal conjunction of Sun 18 Aries to Saturn 10 Aries. The Sun/Aries/Saturn combination is meant to lead.

Pretty interesting that his Saturn has progressed to 17 Degrees Aries so is one degree away from his natal Sun. They are super close right now. They are also in close conjunction with California's "natal" Saturn which is at 20 Aries Rx. As Saturn rules Old Age it's interesting to look at his progressed Saturn with regard to the age element of his leadership. He became California's youngest ruling Governor and is now returning as the state's oldest Governor. I'll have to make him some angora fingerless mittens. That's supposedly an old folk remedy for arthritis. Angora is the warmest fur. Maybe I'll just send him an actual rabbit to hold. The fur would molt all over his clothes and with Moon in Cancer he's probably got allergies.

California's also got a conjunction to the degree of Uranus to Pluto at 30 Aries so when the Uranus Return occurs in 7 years or so California should see a major shift of some sort. Jupiter will pass over it this year. Saturn will pass over it soon after. And that should help understand how the societal structure will develop. Jupiter-Saturnians are planners/builders.

So, whatever Saturn in Aries means to you, that's what it's gonna mean to Californians right now. Especially since Jupiter and Uranus are both passing into Aries pretty soon.

The Mercury Retrogrades for 2011 will for the most part be in fire signs so there will be some opportunities for getting our mojo back. Fire is enthusiastic and gives the creative spark to get things kick started. Hopefully there won't be any violence. Hopefully his Scorpio NN won't kick in. It's squaring natal Jupiter in Aquarius, which stands out in his chart (lead planet of locomtive chart, singleton Air). And his North Node also trines natal Pluto in Cancer.

Brown has Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aries in his 9th House of philosophy, religion, law, ethics. Interesting that his Sun is squaring his natal Moon in Cancer which is in his 12th House. That's very psychic and spiritual. His Moon 21 Cancer is in conjunction to his natal Pluto 28 Cancer. So, his natal Sun squares his natal Moon from H9 to H12. But natal Saturn and Pluto are in the same signs and houses but aren't in a square with each other. Can't really explain how, but I suppose this inner/outer combination might describe in some way the fact that Brown was the youngest Governor of California and now will be the oldest Governor. He was leading the Pluto in Geminis and Cancers and Leos (the hippies at least). Now he will be leading the Pluto in Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpios. At any rate, he's the only Democrat my Father ever voted for because he represented innovation and problem solving.

California was born of a compromise called "the Compromise of 1850." I forgot to read about it.

Sept. 9, 1850 San Jose, CA

Sun 17 Virgo; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 13 Leo

Jerry Brown
Apr. 7, 1938 San Francisco, CA

Sun 18 Aries; Moon 21 Cancer; ASC 5 Leo; NN 30 Scorpio; MC 24 Aries

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