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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

100th Anniversary of "Women's Day"

While there are only about 2 seconds left of the One Hundredth Anniversary of Womens Day, I believe it's "International Womens' Day" but am not sure, I quickly looked at the chart. This thing has been around for 100 years but I've never heard of it. While looking at the chart I sort of think they should have chosen another day. Only my personal opinion, as always.

For anything having to do with women you want to look at the 2 main rulers of Women in a chart. First of all: Venus. Venus here is at 12 Aries. That means that she disposits to Mars, which means that, she bends over backwards for men. Venus stands out in the chart because she is a singleton in fire. She is also unaspected to major planets, but is trining Lilith. That explains why Feminists make so many people uncomfortable.

The other indicator of Women in a chart is the Moon, of course. The Moon on this day was passing from Gemini to Cancer. Moon at 1 Cancer, that's pretty traditional unless you like being a Moon Goddess which explains why so many Liberal Women end up taking care of everyone as a control freak thing no matter what anyway.

At noon, Moon was in conjunction with Pluto (Power, Control) in Gemini and both both were in the 7th House of, you guessed it, relationships. Women just sort of stay stuck in that "Will he ever come back to me?" mode. The Moon really stands out because she's traveling fast and is out of bounds. Reminds me of that Susan Sarandon/Geena Davis movie, what's it called? They realize that they'll never break out of the mold so they drive off the cliff? I mean, waaaaay out of bounds at 27 degrees.

There's more, but I've just noticed that I'm already 5 minutes past Midnight on posting. My Subaru has turned into a pumpkin and I've turned into a mouse. (added next day: That was supposed to be a Cinderella joke, but even I don't get it)

International Womens Day
March 8, 1911


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