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Saturday, March 05, 2011

How Expensive Is That Tracking Device That's Planted on Your Rear Right Wheel Just Above the Exhaust?

The Obama Administration has passed legislation which allows the government to place a tracker on your car without even bothering to get a warrant. Supposedly a police officer can shoot one on to your car from far away so nobody even has to walk up to the car. Pluto in Virgos manifesting Pluto in Capricorn anyone? Right? Wrong? Fuck it, the officers just doin' their jobs like the guards at Dachau.

This legislation is now being tested by a 20-year old college student in Santa Clara who took his car in to his mechanic back in October. The mechanic saw a wire hanging down in the back rear wheel and exhaust area, pulled, and out popped a weird looking device. Nobody knew what it was. A bomb? They took pictures and posted it on the Internet only to find that it was a tracking device.

Two days later a bunch of FBI agents showed up at the student's door asking for the device back.


I believe that the date that the device was found was Oct. 3, 2010, Santa Clara, no time.

Sun 11 Libra; Moon 14 Leo at noon; NN 8 Capricorn

FBI Agents Swing By to Pick up Their Surveillance Device
Oct. 5, 2010

Sun 13 Libra; Moon Virgo; NN 8 Capricorn

Mercury (cars, auto mechanics) was at 1 Libra when the device was found. It was approaching a conjunction of Sun-Saturn at 11-9 Libra (Gvmt) which was squaring Pluto (Power, Surveillance) 3 Capricorn-NN 8 Capricorn Rx. That's a great aspect for realizing that someone is spying on you. It may be your neighbors. It may be gang stalkers. It may be the insurance company. It may be your ex. It may be the FBI. Hey, it's all legal now. If we go out and buy bicycles, will they figure out a way to track those as well?

Mercury 1 Libra is opposing the Jupiter(Truth)-Uranus(Surprise) conjunction 27-29 Pisces Rx. Libra-Pisces. What did I say about "fishy?" Venus and Mars were at exact conjunction in Scorpio at this point. Don't know how that fits in, guess it's just a good day for finding out what Miss Moneypenny's purchase orders.

Supposedly the device is obsolete and not currently used by the FBI, so they say. The Student says that he was thinking of selling it on ebay, so maybe that's why the Feds stepped in in the first place.

In some article I think I read that this student is on "The Fly List." That means that when he boards an airplane absolutely everyone is thinking about the Underwear bomber and is staring at his genital region. How humiliating is that for a 20-year old guy? Maybe the FBI thinks that's a turn on but I sort of doubt in actual fact that it's a pleasant experience.

This student, I think I misspelled his name, Khaled Afifi, is half Egyptian by birth and an American citizen. He travels back and forth a lot to Egypt because his family lives there. His Father died last year. Wonder where the big outer planet t-square hit his chart, must have been nasty. He says that the agents indicated that they had been tracking him for 3-6 months.

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