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Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Mankind Has To Believe In God

I read somewhere that Herman Melville's main message behind writing Moby Dick is that Man can never truly know God. And I like that.

I have no opinion about whether there is a God or Gods or Goddesses, or Dog God or Cat God. I can't say. And I pretty much can't stand people who say that they "know" that God does exist or that he doesn't exist. How can you know? You can't. So fake humility and say "I don't know."

Here are my thoughts for why humankind has to turn over part power to "God" (this is truly bombast stuff to write, but I'm having a bad day, and am blowing off mambo steam). We are part free, part chained, if you think it's all free will then you have simply led an easy life:

1. We don't experience a complete planetary return of all of our planets. That means that we don't have a complete experience of all the knowledge the Solar System has to offer us.

Most of us don't live to our first Uranus Return which occurs at around Age 83.
None of us lives through a complete Neptune (165? years) or Pluto Return (200 and something years) Plus the roughly 500 year cycle when all the planets re-align (supposedly).

If we could hold on to to the wisdom we have gained through literacy and historical studies we might be able to get a lot closer to God. We can't access God without these things.

But, that won't happen. Somebody will erase the Internet in some sort of War and we'll have to start over again. Kind of like what happened in the Middle Ages. It's already happening, backwards people are moving into the Internet and forwards people are moving all their stuff on to the Internet.

2. The Planets don't revolve around the Earth. The Planets revolve around the Sun. Therefore, the Sun gets to know all. We don't.

3. There's galaxies and things out there beyond the Solar System, it goes on and on.

Tah Dah!



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