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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sound Only Teenagers Can Hear

A high pitched sound, known as "The Mosquito", is something only teenagers can hear. Back in 2008 it was being sold as a ring tone for cell phones that kids could use in class. The teachers couldn't hear when their phones were ringing. The Astrology of the Teenage Years. Man, that must be some trippy stuff. I remember that Dell Magazine published some articles about this years back. The teens probably being with the Jupiter Return which comes on Average at around Age 11. Then there is the first Progressed Lunar Opposition to itself, probably around Age 13. And then the first Saturn opposition to itself at around Age 14. These ages vary widely. There are also a bunch of tertiary or minor progressed returns of the Inner Planets (sorry, I've blanket out which, should look that up). They occur at different times because of Retrogrades. Chiron will also make its first square to its natal position approximately Age 12.5. So, kids at that age are loaded with information.

Then there seems to be nothing much at all happening until the Nodal Return which comes a couple of months before the 19th Birthday. Except for kids who have natal Sun-Venus conjunctions. They get a special Sweet Sixteen present because those two planets complete their second Return together.

I'm back to listening to my Brilliant College Lectures about Aging and Sensations. We lose our hearing when we get older, but, apparently not as much as Doctors used to think. It turns out that testing older people for sensations gets extra tricky because of the Saturn Effect. We become much more cautious to say when we do and don't hear the little tones in the hearing tests. The class even explains what kind of deafness Beethoven suffered from. Boney things in his ears. Beethoven was a Double Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising. That means that his Sun first progressed into Capricorn when he was pretty young. Then once it had progressed into Aquarius, his Ascendant progressed into Capricorn. That could make a person hard-working, grumpy, and could affect the hearing. Apparently he could still hear when he put his head directly on the piano. Maybe Mosquitos are Capricorns. Who knows? Actually I think that they must have some mutable sign stuff in there as well.

You can test your own hearing in the following article about this sound.


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