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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Freeway -- Flocked and Blocked

Report tonight of a herd of goats in Sacramento who ran onto the Freeway and blocked traffic for an hour. According to reports a couple dozen were killed. Bless their sweet souls. May they all be reincarnated into Car Company CEOs.

Goats, of course, are represented by the sign of Capricorn in Astrology and Capricorn's ruler Saturn. Saturn also rules blockages, brakes, and Car Company CEOs. So, naturally I was curious to see what was going on with Saturn in the chart.

Herd of Goats runs onto Freeway, blocks traffic for an hour:

February 26, 2011 8pm Sacramento, CA
Sun 9 Pisces; Moon 6 Capricorn; ASC 5 Libra; MC 5 Cancer; NN 30 Capricorn

Saturn is in the 1st House of the Chart! MoFoSo-o-B!!! Astro-amazing! Saturn is very prominent as it is angular, is unaspected by major aspect to other planets, and is also the lead planet of a bowl shaped chart. By 9 pm the traffic was freed up. At this point Saturn was exactly Rising at 17 Libra.

Furthering the Saturn-Capricorn-Goat imagery, we have Moon in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto right at the IC of the chart and moving into the 3d House of Transportation and Freeways. Moon-Pluto-NN shows the tragic loss of life on the freeway.

Jupiter, planet of hooved animals, was in conjunction with the Descendant and a singleton in Fire. Okay, so that's a stretch, thing is, Jupiter is still widely conjunct Uranus which represents big flocks of things. Sun, Mercury, Lilith and Uranus were all in the 6th House of Barnyard animals.

There was a 7 car accident in there somewhere, but it is not clear from the article whether this was the reason why the animals panicked in the first place.


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