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Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes/Tsunami in Japan, 7.2 Foreshock and 8.9 Unbelievable

So, last night I put on my earphones to pass out while listening to George Noori and he says "Turn on the TV, Japan just had a major earthquake!" and I think wow this show is so annoying sometimes, that big 7.2 earthquake was 2 days ago. Then I turned on the TV. And there was video of the ocean rolling in over a town and cars and boats were just bobbling around and banging into things. And the reporters were sort of saying gibberish because who can tell what's going on while staring at this type of thing. The video footage was crystal clear. So we know for sure it was Japan, at least.

Richard Nolle is incredible! Supermoons seem to really be a strong indicator of major disasters.

I suppose one could add the stuff about how the Sun has woken up and is raging superstorms creating a pull from another direction.

And also probably to blame are all the Cardinal elements in the outer planet activity. Jupiter 10 Aries, Saturn 16 Libra, Uranus 30 Pisces (1 degree away), Pluto 8 Capricorn. (t-square Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto).

And the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception giving a big send off before changing signs. (This happened back in the 1840s so this influence can maybe be double checked to see if it's a real influence or not). Uranus, ruler of Wind, Earthquakes, Sudden extreme events, is on the last degree of Neptune's sign. Neptune, ruler of Water, Oceans, Floods (along with MOon), is on the last degree of Uranus's sign. These are outer planets that rule things that humans don't have control over. (I just supposed why I think this is so in a post -- reason: we don't live long enough to experience a complete cycle of the slow moving planets so we can't fully understand their influence on us).

Uranus is also squaring the Nodal Axis. Pluto has just completed a conjunction with the North Node. Since the Uranus-Pluto square will be continuing off and on for a few more years should probably check to see if forecasting will work for when this aspect next hits the Nodal Axis in this way.

And Sun is still within orb of long conjunction with Mars in Pisces.

And where the Hell is Lilith? Lilith has got to be there. Lilith is always "there". Dark Side of the Moon, sorry even after taking a year of Latin classes I still can't remember the lingo. Lilith is one degree away from Uranus in Pisces. She's the chart bee-aatch and likes to stir things up.

7.2 Earthquake (Foreshock) Northern Japan (no tsunami?)

Mar. 9, 2011 11:45 AM LT (2:45 UTC) 80 miles East of Sendai, Honshu, Japan which I can't pull up on my program for some reason

Sun 19 Pisces (H10); Moon 5 Taurus (H11); ASC 8 Cancer; MC 18 Pisces; NN 29 Sagittarius Rx

Odd how watery this chart but did not cause the big tsunami. Sun, ASC, MC in Water. Moon rules chart. Sun is conjunct MC because this happened at "High Noon". Sort of makes me think that the Sun is suspect here as it rules the big earthquake's chart (Leo Rising). And that earthquake happened at 2:46pm, 3 hours later. Pluto is conjunct DESC. Strong influence of angular houses. Occurred at High Noon with large stellium up in H10. Saturn in H4 opposing Uranus H10.

8.9 Earthquake, Northern Japan
Mar. 11, 2011 5:46 UTC 2:46 pm 38.322 deg No. 142. degrees east

Sun 21 Pisces (H8); Moon 1 Gemini (H10); ASC 17 Leo; MC 9 Taurus; NN 29 Sagittarius (H5)

The Moon ruled the chart of what has now been declared the "Foreshock." The Sun rules this chart. Cancer Rising and Cancer Moon tends to come up a lot in big natural disaster charts. I just saw that a CD has been published of Aretha Franklin's greatest hits. They call it "Force of Nature" and I thought, wow, that's true, she has a Cancer Moon. Astrologers like to ignore Cancer. But, truth is, the Moon is the only orb we follow that revolves around the Earth and not the Sun. The Moon of the Foreshock chart is at "high noon" in this chart, that is it is conjunct the Midheaven, or highest point. Moon has a long memory. And Richard Nolle has found these Supermoons to be incredible triggers.

So, the planets are in the Cardinal signs but this chart is very related to the Fixed Houses. I've speculated before that when the Resources houses are strongly aspected there will be great loss in these disasters. But then there were all those miraculous recoveries from potential airplane disasters during the conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune which had that conjunction in the 8th House. Here the 8th House of mass destruction and death is loaded with Mars 13 Pisces, Sun 21 Pisces, Lilith 29 Pisces, Uranus 30 Pisces, Mercury 13 Pisces. And then Jupiter is up close by in H9 at 11 Aries.

I think it's interesting to note that no planets were out of bounds in either of these charts. The Moon is not traveling fast. Jupiter is a singleton in Fire in the Mar 9 earthquake chart. Pluto is a singleton in earth in the Mar 11 chart.

Mercury seems to be something significant. He is traveling fast between the two charts, changing signs over the Aries Point, and within the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction and has been passing over the Aries Point. March 9 chart: 29 Pisces. March 11 chart: 2 Aries c. Jupiter. That perhaps gives more significance to the Cardinal Sign influence.

I send my best wishes to the people in Japan who are suffering great stress and huge losses right now.



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