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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Explosions

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has suffered two explosions so far since the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11. The cause of the explosions is said to be from Hydrogen build up. Rex Bills rulership book says that Hydrogen is ruled by Neptune and (Saturn). I suppose that Pluto rules Plutonium and Uranus rules Uranium. The news reports are saying there is a good chance of total melt down. Apparently the earthquake and tsunami shut off the safety valves, something which nobody anticipated. Safety valves, I assume, are ruled by Saturn. Keeping such powerful energy under control might need a very strong and healthy Saturn.

According to Wikipedia the Fukushima Power Plant was opened on:

Mar. 26, 1971 Okuma, Futaba District, Fukushima, Japan

Sun 5 Aries; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 22 Aquarius

I've been looking up California Power Plant opening dates as well and it appears that Nuclear Power Plants tend to be opened on or around New Moons in Fire Signs. And the astrology for such powerful energy is the same as astrology for potentially volatile situations. This Fukushima Plant has a particularly difficult t-square. The Aries Sun is conjunct Chiron. It opposes Uranus 12 Libra Rx. And an out of bound Mars is at the apex. The Sun and Mars are in the signs of their exhaltation. This combination is a surefire indicator for possible accidents. And, here's the kicker: Mars is at 9 Capricorn so Pluto is just 2 degrees away by transit. Don't have the actual time of start up for the plant so can't place the Moon. If in Pisces early in the day it would be opposing Pluto. If in Aries later in the day it could be in conjunction with the Sun. It would have been triggered by the transiting Sun in Pisces as well.

The Sun in this chart is trining a conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune at the beginning of Sagittarius. That's a lot of boundless energy.

Saturn is at 20 Taurus which squares the Nodal Axis. The square from Saturn could indicate safety concerns. Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node seems like the perfect Axis for a power planet but it just as easily can indicate vulnerability to unpredictable events and earthquakes.



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