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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Equinox 2011

Will try to read the Spring Equinox Chart for Washington, DC 2011 here. Haven't read Jude Cowell's interpretation yet, they are always excellent, and there is usually a great interpretation over at AquariusPapers.

This chart is significant because it shows heavy Aries Point influence, all of the angles are on the Aries Points. The Aries Points coincide with the Solstice and Equinox points which represent beginnings and new starts.

This Equinox will come soon after a Full Moon which, in Richard Nolle's terms, is a very potent Supermoon (on March 19) related to natural disasters, etc. I have a theory that there is increased earthquake activity when outer planets are in the Cardinal Signs. This seems to be happening right now as increased amount of earthquakes over the past year have occurred during a heavy t-square of outer planets over the Aries Points. The huge earthquake in Japan has sort of jumped the gun on natural disasters. Either way, the Total Lunar Eclipse which occurred right before the Winter Solstice

Mar. 20, 2011 7:21 Washington, DC

Sun 1 Aries; Moon 18 Libra; ASC 2 Libra; MC 2 Cancer; NN 29 Sagittarius Rx

This earthquake is a bowl shaped chart contained within a signifcant opposition of planets placed on the angles over the 1st and 7th Houses. With Libra Rising the Chart is an upside down version of a natural chart which has Aries Rising. I suspect this shows a time of confusion or of being stretched to the maximum in trying to understand the other person's point of view. All the planets are placed below this opposition in the night section of the chart. This shows that people are redefining their personal self identities. How can we reinvent America? Either that, or Americans will be brought to their knees and made helpless.

The significant Jupiter-Saturn opposition which will become exact at the end of the month is said to be connected with social and political changes. Jupiter represents the Advisors and Saturn represents the Government. Oppositions can show a balancing act. The opposition is an aspect which occurs every 20 years.

Jupiter and Saturn are strong because they are placed angularly in H1 (Saturn) and H7 (Jupiter) and are both in conjunction with inner planets, Moon and Mercury. Saturn is conjunct the Moon in the 1st House. These planets rule the IC and MC angles of the chart but opposite the houses which they naturally rule. This shows conflict, or at least need for harmony, between the Public and the Leader of a country. As the IC represents Land and Water one can see that there may be a problem with Natural Disasters. Anything showing conflict between H4 issues and H10 issues will come to the fore.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction is opposing a conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter in Aries in the 7th House. This shows intense dealings in one on one relationships and open enemies. Like Moon and Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter represent opposite ends of the same pole. This pole has to do with communications, concrete and abstract thinking processes, education, neighborhoods, transportation and the media. In this chart Mercury and Jupiter rule signs which are intercepted in each others' houses. Overall, it seems that there will be a big confusion, perhaps upheaval, concerning contracts, transportation, education, and overall communication.

Since Cancer/Capricorn doesn't really blend well with Gemini/Sagittarius issues it is perhaps a good thing that this chart is so strongly ruled by peace loving Libra. Libra rules the Chart and also the Moon and Saturn.

Extremely significant in this chart, probably the first thing I notice when I look at it, is the exact conjunction of the Sun to Uranus at 1 Aries. What can I say? The Gang's all here. Sun-Uranus is in conjunction with the Descendant within a degree and are squaring the Nodal Axis. This says Revolt, Rebellion, Shock, Surprise, Innovation. Masses of people trying to change history. The Libra emphasis might show people doing this who can't lead, are vain, or who are just complaining a lot. On the 7th House this shows that the U.S. will be in relationship with others who have this attitude, or will perhaps express this attitude in its relationships with other countries. Something significant unexpected ought to occur with regards to how the U.S. reflects community. And God knows what else. Uranus and Sun, of course, describe earthquakes. There could be a rise in Divorce rates. And there might be some kind of cyber war. There could be huge breakthroughs in Technology and Innovations. Or the innovation might come in how the United States partners with other countries. It's difficult to know how the 1st house Moon-Saturn will handle this. This combination is generally emotionally restrained so it could be a good balance which will manage the wild energies in this chart. Or it could become fearful and too cautious. This chart seems to be asking for action. The first house placement might show that the management initiates the partnership.

Both Mars and Pluto in this chart are unaspected by major aspect to other planets. These planets, along with the Moon, can represent violence. Pluto is at 8 Capricorn down in the 4th House. This can show crisis in environment, family, real estate, hotels, food industry, water supply, underground infrastructure, mining. If not physically represented there might be a power play to gain control in these areas. There certainly are some buying opportunities in Real Estate right now. Hopefully there will be significant research done in understanding how to create safety in the above areas. Pluto rules the 3d House of communications, concrete thinking, transportation, neighborhoods, planning. Some great ideas might come up for new lifestyles and ways of transporting people. But, don't hold your breath. Pluto in H4 is territorial, wants control of the land, and has drainage problems. Whatever you try to flush down the toilet, whether mental, emotional or physical, may blow back up in your face along with everyone else's issues. Pluto is vengeful and resentful and jealous. With the Libra, be careful not to provoke anyone else's envy or jealousy.

Mars, God of War, is in Pisces in the 6th House. This can show tension in Civil Rights and Labor. Also Public Health issues. Mars might bring fevers and infections related to bad sanitation. Microwaves might be finally understood as a health issue. Mars rules the 7th House. Both planets in that house, Mercury and Jupiter, disposit towards him. So there will be caustic comments in those diplomatic relationships and people may become impatient with trying to express their views. Unless you're a Double Sagittarius Super Charmer you had better plan on keeping your potty mouth under control. The Labor Unions in Minnesota just lost their security to the double Scorpio Governor. He did it because he couldn't balance the budget (H8). But American workers have no safety, the citizens at least.

In the Astrolocality chart, The Sun-Uranus lines run through the East Coast very close to Washington DC. That combination seems to literally describe President Obama as he is a Leo Sun with Aquarius Rising. I don't know what he's doing over in the Partner house, though. Another Sun-Uranus lines run through the Pacific Ocean, thankfully not California, don't know if that's significant. Another Sun-Uranus line runs through middle of Africa and up through Europe, it looks like around Germany but I didn't look closer.

Venus and Neptune in this chart look interesting as far as the Arts go. They are placed in the 5th House of creativity in the sign of Aquarius. The Venus and Neptune lines run through the West Coast. Maybe Hollywood will get its Groove Back with the Glamour thing. Aquarius wants the community to participate and it could represent something to do with High Tech. This is a neurotic energy, typical of arts, but which could loosen things up a bit in order to solve problems. Venus trines the Moon in H1. Neptune makes a wide conjunction with Venus but otherwise is unaspected.

Saturn doesn't run through the U.S. in the astrolocality chart for the Equinox. The Jupiter-SAturn lines run through Latin America and China. So maybe that's where the connections will take place?

The Finance Houses look like they fall in line with this socialization thing. The H2 of Banks, Money, Self-Values is empty. Venus, natural ruler of H2, rules the chart from the 28 Libra cusp which puts the whole thing back in to how well people can negotiate and compromise. Venus is at 23 Aquarius in the 5th House. This shows innovation and creativity, especially in wide conjunction with Neptune 30 Aquarius and trining the H1Moon. Innovations in Gas, Oil, Glamour, Drugs, Escapism, Dissolving boundaries.

House 8 of Other People's money, Debt, bankruptcy, insurance, etc. is also empty. The cusp is 28 Aries so Mars rules the house. That's sort of a Cowboy aspect I think. Mars is placed in Pisces in the 6th House of Labor and Jobs. That area may become a bit fuzzy and show some losses. Or there may be rebellion from those who demand their rights. Lots of grease is going to be thrown down the drains at the fast food joints, I can promise the Health Department that.

And then the biggee comes in Education, Transportation, Media, Communication etc., both lower and upper. Gemini and Sagittarius are both intercepted in each others' houses. That might mean that they don't have good representation or that the needs in this area will finally become apparent. Rulers Mercury and Jupiter, as I said, are in conjunction with each other in Aries (sparking anything new). They are in opposition to and wishfully in relationship with the Moon-Saturn conjunction in the 1st house which they will not enjoy at all as Moon-Saturn represents stodginess, the worst possible thing for Mercury and Jupiter.

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