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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abducted Woman in Tennessee: Holly Bobo

A beautiful young nurse has disappeared in Tennessee. She was last seen walking away from her home with a man in a camouflaged outfit. The witness was her 25 year old brother who was in the house and who thought that the man was her boyfriend.

Apr. 13, 2011 between 7:30 am and 8:00 am, Parsons, TN

Sun 24 Aries (H12); Moon 20 Leo (H4); ASC 21 Taurus; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 27 Sagittarius Rx

Time for disappearance is approximate, I read one account that said 7:30 am and another which said 8:00 am

Birth date I found is:

Holly Bobo
b. Oct. 12, 1990 Darden, TN?? Don't know location

Sun 20 Libra; Moon Leo; NN 4 Aquarius

The event and the birth chart (if the date I have is correct) line up in that Holly was going through a Lunar Return and the Sun was opposing her natal Sun.

This shows Holly's vulnerability to the upcoming Full SuperMoon. There is a Grand Fire Trine in the disappearance chart between the Moon, the Sun and the North Node whatever the hell that means. Something having to do with containment? These elements are all in Water Houses. The Water houses can show Water, of course, or nature, or, sad to say, Death. It doesn't help when both the North Node and Pluto, planet of Death, are in the 8th House of Death. But, I've also posted before on an abduction crime in which a young girl was miraculously found. Pluto and House 8 also rule Abduction. With North Node in Sagittarius we might hope for some luck. The Sun is also conjunct Jupiter in the 12th House which can show Luck. Unfortunately the Mars-Uranus-Mercury in Aries show that things happened quickly and unexpectedly.

Taurus is rising in this chart unless my time for the abduction is off by about an hour. I thought this would indicate Holly as Venus is ruler of the chart, but the progressions could show that she is actually represented by the 7th House.

In the chart Venus is in Pisces which fits her description as she is a Nurse. This is a very significant placement of Venus in Pisces as Venus is unaspected except for an inconjunct to the Moon in H4 (this could change with change of abduction time). Venus doesn't flow and interact with the other planets. All this does is describe that Holly didn't receive help at the time. Pisces is also intercepted in the 11th House. And Venus is conjunct Uranus, natural ruler of the 11th House. If being held alive, she would be imprisoned, maybe up high in a water tower kind of thing? The Grand Trine indicates containment. Maybe also extreme fantasy? The motives are either extreme desire or envy. That's not really anything very insightful I guess.

So something very Uranian/Aquarian is connected with Holly's disappearance. Air? Fixed? Electricity? Water Bearer? Distance? Hopes, Wishes? Groups of People, Friends? Strangers? Technology? Networks? Electric Blue. This could indicate the situation in the community which has come out in huge support for Holly.

5 Planets are in Aries in this chart. This is very masculine and could indicate violence and aggression, blind rage, especially with the Full Moon coming up. Mars rules Men and is strong here in its own sign of Aries. Mars is involved in a t-square opposing Saturn and squaring apex planet Pluto which I already said is in the 8th House. Pluto also rules the Descendant and describes the abductor. This shows ruthlessness and use of force. The murderer might be a lone wolf type who sort of thinks of himself as a hunter. He might think of her as a collectible which might be good news in that she might be kept hostage and still alive. Unfortunately, the brother found blood, which isn't good news.

Holly's natal chart, if correct, shows Sun c. Venus in Libra. This shows a person who naturally partners with everything around. Must learn not to be led into situations. This is not necessarily a bad thing but is a lesson for Holly because she doesn't have any oppositions in her chart (between major planets). Oppositions can show a natural tension within a person's character which shows that they are capable of understanding how much of a juggling act relationships are. Holly may not have this defense mechanism. She might become easily overwhelmed by relationships.

As a Libra with Sun conjunct Venus Bobo's beauty and good disposition seem a natural. Mercury is also involved in the conjunction between 13 and 20 degrees Libra so she had communication skills as well. She may have overestimated her ability to talk someone out of whatever a situation was.

Bobo was born during the big, slow moving outer planet conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn of 1990. It is very prominently placed in a square to her Libra stellium Sun, Mercury and Venus. Squares show challenges. That huge inner planet stellium in Libra (Love, Marriage, Partnership) challenges the Outer planet stellium (generational) in Capricorn (authority, control, age, status).

Aside from these planets it seems that the planets of violence, Mars and Pluto stand out in Bobo's natal chart. Pluto is at 17 Scorpio, strong in its own sign, and is unaspected by major aspect to other planets. Deep-seated rage doesn't flow with the rest of the planets. Mars is also in its own sign and is the lower octave energy of Pluto. A keyword for the inconjunct aspect is "adjustment." That indicates frustration.

The only minor aspect is an inconjunct to Mars 15 Gemini. This will show as some sort of dualism concerning relations with Men. Gemini is also the ruler of siblings. This would certainly show that a brother in involved in the story. It doesn't say in which capacity.

Holly's Nodal Axis was passing over the IC/MC Axis of the event chart at the time of her disappearance so the answer to her disappearance might be connected with that pole in the chart. The closest planets aspecting in the event chart would be a sextile to Uranus, Mars, Mercury Rx, Jupiter, Sun in Aries depending on the time. That definitely says that a man was involved. The planets were in the 12th House passing up into the 11th house. Deception then surprise.

Holly's natal Moon might be in conjunction with her South Node. This might show something such as a person's receptive, caring side as being related to a downfall in this life.

In Holly's progressed chart, her Sun and Venus are both in Scorpio at 9 degrees. They would have just passed over the Descendant of the event chart. This confuses me since I've already said that she is represented by the Ascendant and maybe her abductor is the Taurus?

Holly's natal Pluto at 18 degrees is close to the 20 Scorpio Descendant placed at 7:45 am. As I said Pluto in her natal chart is in its own sign and is unaspected to other planets. Her progressed Mercury is within a degree of this at 17 Scorpio which brings the sibling element into the story.

I'm only trying to read the chart. Obviously I can't come to any conclusions. There could be a chance that Holly is being held captive. There are strong indicators that she was a victim of violence. She might be located in a place where water is contained. And, I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't feel real hopeful about her situation. Her natal Sun (vitality) is hooked into the Full Moon which we had over the week-end. She was going through a Lunar Return at the time of the disappearance. There are so many negative aspects regarding this situation. Hopefully, she will have good survival skills that come with the Jupiter aspects.

I hope that Holly is found alive and well.


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