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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ai Weiwei

Secretary of State Clinton spoke out today about China's current surge of detentions of citizens who are seen as dissidents. One of the people she mentioned is artist Ai Weiwei who is one of China's most well known artists. He is only known to me as the person who helped design the Bird's Nest at the Chinese Olympics.

Weiwei was taken into custody on Apr. 3, in the morning at the airport while waiting to leave for Hong Kong.

This was on the Aries Full Moon in aspect with the Jupiter-Saturn opposition. There was also a conjunction to the degree of Mars-Uranus-Lilith at 1 Aries. This is a very dangerous aspect, especially if Weiwei's natal Libra Moon is opposed by it. Uranus rules rebellion. Weiwei was beaten in 2009 to the point of having a cerebral hemorrhage. His studio was destroyed by the Government earlier this year.

Ai Weiwei
b. Aug. 28, 1957 Beijing, China

Sun 5 Virgo; Moon Libra; NN 15 Scorpio

This chart shows the life of a person who will face a lot of harsh challenges. The Sun is conjunct both Mars and Pluto at the beginning of Virgo. These square Saturn at 8 Sagittarius. This shows a contest of Wills to me. Weiwei's parents were detained by the Chinese Government when he was only 1 year old.

The Saturn (Authority) in Sagittarius (Freedom/Opinions) shows a need to defy authority. Saturn is even more prominent in the chart as a boundary planet to a bundle chart which trines Uranus 10 Leo. There's a great bundle of energy here as this trine contains all the other planets of the chart. The link below which talks about Weiwei's current detention describes the Saturn-Uranus trine perfectly. It quotes the Chinese Government as saying "The Law (Saturn) will not bend for mavericks (Uranus)."


Progressed Venus (Art) has just passed beyond conjunction with Saturn and is currently in exact square with Weiwei's natal Mars 13 Virgo.

Don't know how to fit this in to the scheme of things except to just note that Mercury was stationing Rx at 26 Virgo when Weiwei was born. So it is strongly placed in its own sign for that reason as well as being unaspected by major aspect to any other planet. And is also very important as it disposes his Sun-Mars-Pluto conjunction. Virgo analyzes and describes what doesn't work. In the U.S., Virgo is generally valued for this skill.

Apparently China has detained several dozen prominent people since the beginning of the year, threatened by the rebellions in the Middle East.

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