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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hayward Earthquake: Moon and Planetary Declinations, Moon Speed

Richard Nolle has pointed out on his website that the year's 3d SuperMoon is coming up on April 18. This is in Cardinal Signs along with a bunch of earthquakey types of planets in the 12th House and that's sort of scary. This is earthquake season in Northern California so it's nail biting time. Read Nolle's predictions and explanations so that I don't have to butcher them. Wouldn't it be great though if the Milpitas Sewage Treatment Plant just sort of exploded for once and for all? I mean the turds are all just floating around loose in the water pipes anyway. Somebody brought in a bunch of lambs to graze all around the plant because it's so well fertilized. So cute.


No. Really. Read it. It squares my natal Sun so I'm totally wrong about everything right now. Or stalked... this Supermoon has a square between Saturn and Pluto which is pretty scary from a mob mentality point of view, but I'm talking about earthquakes here.

Besides, I've found other stuff having to do with the Moon and Earthquakes that I'm going to totally slaughter. Some of it I'm just learning and the information is a little difficult to understand since it's scattered around in different spots on the web and there's no one to ask about it and I don't have a science aptitude. I'm literally sitting here counting on my fingers the way my Mother used to. Are we back in the McCarthy era when women were fun when they dumb? Yes, I think we're heading back down that road because we forgot to be careful.

I've been noticing a couple of odd things about the charts of Earthquakes. Often there are no out-of-bounds planets. Also, often the speed of the Moon isn't fast. This is interesting to me at least because it means that the Moon is sort of not doing its "Lunatic" type of thing when earthquakes happen. It is staying within bounds of the Sun's declination and it's rolling around at a healthy pace. This could explain why earthquakes often "surprise" us. If we're in bad moods already or are playing bumper cars on the freeway we would be more likely to think that it makes sense that an earthquake would also happen at that time. But they don't. They are Uranian. They start out of the blue.

The Moon will be traveling fast during Richard Nolle's "time window for disaster occuredness" 3 days before and after the SuperMoon. I guess we'll know what that means soon enough. It was traveling fast during the March 19 SuperMoon and look what happened to Japan, and New Zealand a few weeks before that.

I know that often a Cancer Moon is equated with earthquakes, however, especially with tsunamis. Good old Cancer Moon represents "Force of Nature" like nothing else on earth.

And 0 degree Cancer is considered a power spot in the Astrological Wheel. Along with 0 Capricorn it represents the highest point of the Sun's Declination, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. When the Moon hits the 0 Aries Point it can (not always) go wildly out-of-bounds. Since these are all Cardinal Points and there seems to be a connection between Cardinal Points and earthquakes (not statistically proven except in the one little study I did on Parkfield where the link between teh earthquakes was Jupiter in Cardinal signs over about a 120 year period), I think it would be great to study the out-of-bounds technique further between Moon and Earthquake charts, and also perhaps all the planets.

Sun, Saturn and Neptune never go out of bounds. There's some psychological interps that I could associate with that phenomena but I won't because it might get mean.

I found this great article written by Edward Dearborn:


And the previously written paragraph is my attempt at butchering what it says, so read it.

The reason why I'm discussing Out-of-Bounds planets with regards to earthquakes in connection with the Hayward Fault Line is that in the 4 charts that are available from the 19th Century, none of the charts has an Out-of-Bounds planet. I've been sort of noticing in passing while looking at earthquake charts that often the Moon is not out-of-bounds. And that just never made sense to me.

Also, the Moon is not traveling fast during these earthquakes, but often seems to be speeding up. So, for prediction of a possible earthquake this might be a good tool to use in order to rule out certain times in favor of others.

I counted backwards 19 years to make lists of when the 10 year Out-Of-Bounds Moon phases began. And also when the 9 year WithinBounds Moon phases began just so I'd have something to refer back to if it makes any difference at all. This 19 year cycle of Moon's dance with the Sun's maximum declination points is interesting, and, as I said before, it sort of plays on the Cardinal Sign themes which we are in the middle of. The information is hopefully available somewhere with exact dates, I just don't know where. The Moon began the Out-of-Bounds moon phase apparently the day after 9/11 so there will be exact dates of when these phases begin and end.

10 year out of bounds Moon phases, things get crazy: 2001, 1982, 1963, 1944, 1925, 1906, 1887, 1868, 1849, 1830.

9 year in bounds Moon phases, things calm down?: 2011, 1992, 1973, 1954, 1935, 1916, 1897, 1878, 1859, 1840

Both the big 1868 and 1906 Earthquakes in Hayward and San Francisco occurred first years of a 10 year out-of-bounds Moon phase. There have been many other significant earthquakes in California that are in-between. The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake occurred within an out of bounds Moon phase. The Fort Tejon earthquake of 1857 did as well. However, the Northridge Earthquake in Southern California occurred in an Inbound Moon phase in 1994.

As it happens we are currently entering a new phase of the 19 year long Moon Declination Cycle, just this month, April 2011. We are entering the second half of this Declination Cycle in which the Moon doesn't go out of bounds for 9 years. The first 10 years of the cycle represent a time when the Moon swings out of bounds North and South in a 2 week swing. There are more descriptions about what this means psychologically, obviously related to relationships with Mother and Emotional Problems, at the article referenced above and also at the articles referenced below:


great description of the Moon Out of Bounds Cycle which follows the Nodal Cycle at LunarLiving.com.


The Moon can only cycle Out of Bounds when the Lunar North Node is moving through the signs of Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces. Aquarius, and Capricorn. While the Lunar North Node is in Scorpio, Libra and Virgo, the Moon will always fall extremely short of reaching the Sun's declination path. During the transition of the Lunar North Node from Aries to Pisces, the Moon will reach its most extreme Out of Bounds positions with peaks exceeding 28° North and South.

According to the article a new cycle began the day after 9/11. This cycle began wild out of bounds Moon cycles. Now in April 2011 we are entering a cycle when the Moon will stay with the Sun's declination.

Moon Information regarding 19th Century Earthquakes on Hayward Fault Line:

5.8 EArthquake Hayward Fault

May 20, 1864 6:01 pm LT (May 21, 1864 3:25 GMT) Epicenter 121.9, 37.6, closest to Fremont, CA

Sun 1 Gemini; Moon 25 Scorpio; ASC 18 Scorpio; NN 18 Scorpio; NC 28 Leo

This earthquake occurred right as the Moon was going void after making 1 degree aspects with Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus. First aspect after entering Sagittarius was an Appulse Lunar Eclipse at 1 Sagittarius.

This was the day that Gold was discovered in California!!!!

Moon 25 Scorpio Water, Fixed
In H1, Rules H9, Disposits to Pluto which is in H6
Speed: 13 degreees, 25 minutes
Declination: 18 degrees, 21 minutes, not out of bounds,
however, Uranus is right at 23 deg. 27 min.
Lunar Phase: Gibbous?
Moon in Fall
Aspects: Opposite Sun, trine Mars, conjunct Jupiter, conjunct NN, conjunct ASC, square MC, square Lilith, minor aspects to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
No parallels
Just about to go Void of Course
First aspect is Appulse Lunar Eclipse

6.8-7.0 Big San Francisco Earthquake;
Oct 21, 1868 1553 GMT (&:53 LT) Fremont, CA?

Sun 29 Libra; Moon 10 Capricorn (H2); 18 Scorpio Rising; MC 27 Leo; NN 23 Leo

Moon 10 Capricorn, Earth, Cardinal
Speed: 12 degrees 18 Minutes, not fast
Declination: -19 deg. 34 min., not out-of-bounds
Lunar Phase: Crescent
Same Scorpio Ascendant as previous earthquake.
Moon in Detriment
Moon in H2, rules H9, disposits to Saturn which is in H1
Aspects: Moon trine Venus; square Jupiter; opposite Uranus; square Neptune; trine Pluto minor aspects to Mars, Saturn, NN, and Lilith, contraParallel Mars

Sun in this chart is a Singleton

5.8 Earthquake Hayward Fault
Apr. 2, 1870 19:48 GMT, 11:48 LT, Epicenter 122.3, 37.9 close to Hayward, CA

Sun 13 Aries; Moon 2 Taurus; ASC 24 Cancer; NN 25 Cancer; MC 9 Aries

Moon 2 Taurus: Earth, Fixed
Speed: +11.51' Not fast
Decl.: +07.29' Not out-of-bounds,
New Moon at Apogee at 9:24 (LT?), farthest point of orbit, interesting because Moon is in conjunction with Lilith
In Taurus in H10, rules H1, disposits to Venus which rules H8
Aspects: sextile Venus, Trine Saturn, Conjunct Lilith
Moon is Void of Course 2 Taurus,last aspect trine Saturn 29 Sagittarius, next aspect sextile Venus 3 Pisces
chart has no singletons
Chart has no planets in Air
Locomotive Chart Shape lead planet is Saturn

5.6 Earthquake Hayward Fault Line

July 31, 1889 12:47 GMT (4:47 LT) Epicenter 122.2, 37.8, near Oakland?, CA

Sun 9 Leo (H1); Moon 19 Virgo (H2); ASC 3 Leo; MC 21 Aries; NN 11 Cancer

This is the only earthquake to not happen when Sun is in Cardinal. It's also the smallest.

Moon 19 Virgo, Earth, Mutable
Moon in H2, rules H12, dispositor is Mercury which is in H12.
Speed: +12 deg, 45' not fast
Declination: +08 deg, 50' Not out-of-bounds

Moon is singleton in Earth
Locomotive Chart Shape with Lead Planet Neptune
Moon square Venus, parallel Pluto, sextile Chiron; minor aspects to ASC, parallel to MC

New Moon was July 28, 1889

Moon was perigee June 13, was apogee July 24 16:15++++++++++++

What this seems to show is that the Moon's presence is pretty low key in these charts.

Her Nodal Axis, however, is prominent on the angles in the 1st three of the earthquakes.

NN is in conjunction with the ASC of the 1st earthquake (1864), in in conjunction with the IC/MC Axis in the 2d earthquake, in conjunction with the ASC of the 3d earthquake, in H12 with 4th earthquake.

It seems that all 4 of these earthquakes happened when the Moon was not traveling fast and when no planets were out of bounds. I can see how this makes sense. Earthquakes are meant to happen as a surprise, and emotionally people won't be feeling unusual under these circumstances. This also means that the planets are deferring energy to the Sun. They are all staying within the Sun's natural declination, not doing anything strange. I think that the Sun's Dominion plays a major role in earthquakes but, since the Sun just seems to roll around at a pretty pace. It doesn't go out of bounds. It creates the bounds. It also have a great gravitational pull.

Both the 1864 and 1968 charts have the same 18 degree Scorpio Rising. The 1864 chart has the North Node on that point as well. Pluto is conjunct the SN/DESC of the 1868 chart.

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