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Monday, April 18, 2011

What's a Libra/Aries SuperMoon like?

People who have an emphasis on Cardinal Signs might be heavily affected by today's SuperMoon. I'm in that crowd. Yayyy!

The SuperMoon occurred last night, Apr. 17, 2011 at around 9:48 pm ET, 6:48 PST. The Sun 28 Aries was opposing Moon 28 Libra over the H1/H7 angles with Libra Rising conjunct Saturn.

In the news, Nicholas Cage had a meltdown over the week-end. His chart is hooked in to this moon very heavily. His natal Moon is right at 27 Libra in his natal 10th House. Natally it squares Mars at 26 Capricorn from his 1st house. Difficult Moon-Mars aspects can go off at a moment's notice as it is. But this was a Lunar Return and Full Moon and SuperMoon for him. Ouch. Supposedly he had a brain drain and blanked out where he lived. I'm sort of relieved to hear that because my Sun is at 26 Cancer and I had called the doctor last week because I've been having blank outs as well. Mars and Aries are related to the brain and Moon is related to the glands and emotional memories. And, with Capricorn/Saturn involved there will be control issues.

This is the first year that I'm asking for an extension on filing taxes. Just couldn't get around to it. To be honest, this is connected to the gang stalking stuff. I've been eating at places and have apparently been ingesting ammonia and other cleaning solutions. It appears that certain Berkeley activists (Libra Moon, for sure) are now joining the gang stalking phenomena. Maybe they are the ones who started it. This is a real eye opener. Left wing activists hate everything that they are fighting for. All those employees at the local Target who I used to feel sorry for because they walk around with their walkie talkies blasting? It's because they like it that way. Makes them feel important. And the ones in the medical professions apparently use the access they have to your health information in order to gossip about you and publicly humiliate you. Immigrants who come in to the country via legally means tend to know what a law is. The rest? It's touch or go. And the Berkeley activists? They have all those boring MidWest childhoods to make up for.

And, like clockwork, Nolle's connections of Supermoons to extreme Weather conditions has hit parts of the country with killer Tornadoes and flooding. On Thursday, the Eastern part of Oklahoma and south of Kansas was hit. On Friday, Missippippi and Alabama were hit. On Saturday North Carolina was hit. The newspaper says that 243 reports of tornadoes in 13 states. 11 people are known to have been killed and 50 injured. I send my condolences to the victims. I would probably throw up on you, though, if I did it in person. So, Thank God for the Internet, right?

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