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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cat Saves Owner's Life

Haha! This is an addendum to the last post. I wasn't going to publish it because it's written in Kitteh talk. 5 planets in Aries really brings out extreme kitteh behaviors. I loves the kittehs.

Wif 5 planets plus cuwaazy lady Lilith in Aries doubled up whacko in 1st house wildness, we expect to sound the alarms, push the red buttons, emergency, emergency. Of course your house burns down. Course the big red trucks show up with flashing red lights.

But who knows exactly the rest of the story except when it involves the amazing household pet?

This all happens when you're both sleeping. But kitteh, I say KittehKittehKitteh. Nudges you to wake the hell up. What're you sleeping for when the house is burning down? Shouldn't you pick my furry ass up and run the hell out the door?

That's just what one wondrous beast face did.

But how do you explains the part about the household pet, a nice and very cat quality beast, nudges your silly face and nudges and nudges it until you wakes the hell up before youse deathly dies of the dread inhalations? He saves your life he does cause he's a quality circus.

Well you guess and you ask how could that be, cats aren't first responders, and then you look at the chart afterwards because who in the world could possibly explains this weirdness?

For one, the cat is a quality beast. Did I say that? Oh yes, why yes I did but it is so true I say it again and maybe one more time.

The cat? Where's Leo? The Moon at the time of the nudging was in Leo which means he loves you he does and the Moon is sitting on the 6th House cusp of household beasts because the cat sits on you all night, that's how it's done. Moon in Leo, quality beast, disposts to the Sun as all cats do what with Leo being their sign, warm snuggly things that rush to the rescue no matter what anybody says. Sun is in the 1st along with the other Aries planets.

This Sun is in Leo conjunct Jupiter in the first house of Aries in the Sign of Aries with all the rest of so much of the chart. That's fire and the house is burning down. And along with House 6 and Virgo I think that most people who really get along with their household beasts have Jupiter/Sadge issues. And here the Sagittarius North Node is conjunct the Sagittarius Midheaven. And there's nothing in the house of endings, down in the 4th, because no one was meant to die here. The issue was nudging the lady until she wakes up and runs the hell out of there. And Scorpio is on the House of Death cusp but the house is empty and the ruler, Pluto, is up in the 10th House of Hey Lady Get Up The House is Burning Down. Call the Fire Brigade. Throw some water on this mess.

Blessed Be. I just love the cats.


Cat Saves Owner's Life While House Burns Down

Apr. 13, 2011 5:30 am

Sun 24 Aries (H1); Moon 20 Leo (H6); ASC 26 Pisces;

The Lady, Venus, is in Pisces and she's asleep and she's in the house of sleep.


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