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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cats Ahoy!

Snooky's not the only one who's trying to escape the Jersey shore. A Calico Cat was found caked in seaweed and salt water on an island off of New York City. Officials think that the cat swam the one mile length of ocean during a severe storm on April 15 or 16. They found the feline on April 16. Now they are trying to find its owners.

There were 5 planets in Aries on that day. Uranus at 2 Aries conjunct Lilith and squaring Pluto probably would have been enough to create some weirdness. Mars, Mercury Rx, Jupiter and Sun in Aries can indicate a strong impulse to survive.

But where's the household pet indicator in the chart? Virgo rules household pets. Moon was in Virgo on April 15 and was opposing Venus in Pisces with the Sagittarius North Node at the apex.

I wonder if there will be more amazing pet tricks while the North Node is passing through Sagittarius.


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