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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sexual Mobbing of Journalist Lara Logan

CBS Reporter Lara Logan will be interviewed for the first time on the TV show 60 Minutes tonight. Logan was mobbed by a group of about 200 men in Cairo, Egypt on February 11 on the day that President Mubarak left office. A NY Times interview with her is here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/29/business/media/29logan.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1.

There are a couple of great articles on the web which discuss the astrology behind Logan's assault. Her natal chart was under assault and the astrology matches perfectly.

I don't know what time the attack was, but the mobbing apparently lasted between 20 and 30 minutes. She has since been contacted by multiple other women who were attacked while overseas. I guess these women are mostly journalists. I'm a little flummoxed by how she and the media say that this is something that happens to women who are working overseas, as if it doesn't happen in the United States. She's blond, blue-eyed, a hundred zillions of billions times more beautiful than I am, and I've been assaulted multiple times in my life. Women get attacked everywhere.
There's a reason why those women wear tents. Maybe they should begin to wear corrupgated tin quonset huts.

I'm really happy Logan has the courage to speak out. This will help not only journalists working overseas, but perhaps will help some of the women living under oppression in the Middle East to seek aid.

Last night I was reading web articles about Logan and the comments which followed on the web and it was unbelievably devastating to see how abuse continues from the public. A couple of Egyptians have written articles saying that they witnessed the attack and didn't see Logan's clothes ripped off and that the mob was partly a circle of men who were surrounding her to protect her. They say that only about one woman showed up. Don't know what the truth is. I do know personally that this kind of discrediting will happen.

Lara Logan
b. Mar. 29, 1971 Durban, South Africa

Sun 8 Aries; Moon probably Taurus?; NN 22 Aquarius

Assaulted by a Mob of Men
Feb. 11, 2011 Cairo, Egypt

Sun 23 Aquarius; Moon Taurus; NN 1 Capricorn

The Sun that day was conjunct Mars and the North Node was conjunct Pluto and Venus. That's prime stuff for a mobbing or for a President to give up power.

This would have been a Lunar Return for Logan. And the Sun-Mars conjunction was on her North Node.

Logan is an Aries Sun so she's game for adventure. Her Sun is involved in a t-square between opposition to Uranus 2 Libra Rx with apex Mars 10 Capricorn. Sun opposing Uranus will show engagement with large groups of people in mostly humanitarian activities. Any harsh combination between Sun-Mars-Uranus is going to put a person in danger at times. This was certainly one of those times as the t-square was heavily activated. Transiting NN-Pluto-Venus conjunction was passing over natal Mars, a very violent and provocative transit especially considering the t-square.

Transiting Mars was also passing over Logan's natal Venus so there was a mutual conjunction, double whammy aspect between the two planets which represent sexuality.

On top of this, the t-square was layered right over Logan's natal Saturn-NN square, Sun 20 Taurus square NN 20 Aquarius. Saturn rules Government, Authority, Career. Aquarius rules Rebellions, Groups of People, Community efforts, Humanitarian deeds. This is reinforced by the fact that t. Saturn was still within conjunction with Logan's natal Uranus 17 Libra Rx.

Solar Sun-Chiron was at 17-19 Taurus squaring SA Mars at 19 Aquarius. The addition of Chiron certainly adds the idea of a wounding through which she can teach and help others.

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