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Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama bin Laden Dead

Wow, if you're a Pisces terrorist you sure do have to watch your Neptune transits. Pisces Sun Osama bin Laden has been located and murdered, shot twice on the left side of his face. He was living in a well-healed town not far from the capital of Pakistan called Abbottabad. And he was living within yards, apparently, of a military post in Pakistan.

I sort of wonder if the huge floods which occurred over the Summer in Pakistan had something to do with Osama's end. Neptune rules floods. I googled and found that Abbottabad was flooded on or around August 2. Neptune also rules photography. I wonder if somebody ended up locating him on Google Earth while checking the status of the floods.

Osama has already been buried at sea. The report I read said that no country would take his body. So there's more Neptune.

From an article in San Jose Mercury News the attack began early Monday morning at 1:15 am. Another source said that the attack lasted 40 minutes and that Osama was killed towards the end of the fight. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction was prominently placed in the 1st house at that point. Neptune was a singleton in every way possible, Mutable, Water, Angular, and was ruler of the 1st House and the chart. And, of course, Neptune has just entered its own sign of Pisces.

Uranus 3 Aries was still ruling the chart but had just passed up in to the 1st House as well. And Lilith was with Uranus, of course. Aries rules the face and head. Aries also rules gun fights.

So, perhaps this means that the United States is going to get its mojo back. I still don't understand the 18-19 year cycle of the Moon which relates to being out of bounds but it sure does seem to hook in with the 9/11 attacks. The 10-year part of the cycle which the Moon goes on wild swings in and out of bounds began the day after 9/11 attacks. The part of the 9 year cycle in which the Moon doesn't follow these swings began last month. I wrote about it but am too lazy to link to it.

Anyways, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer which is the U.S. Sun.

Hey, how about the Obama Administration? Pretty awesome crowd of folks. Thanks Guys!!!!

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