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Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Muscley?

Maybe Astrologers need to rethink who is the more sensitive Sex. Water is supposedly a receptive, feminine element which is attributed to Women. But it turns out that most men have more muscle than women, and therefore more water, in their bodies than women do.

The following quote is from Nutrition for Dummies, 4th ed. by Carol Ann Rinzler. Mars rules Men. According to Rex Bills Rulership Book, Mars and (Pluto) Rule Muscles.

p. 175

"Your body is mostly (50 to 70 percent) water. Exactly how much water depends on how old you are and how much muscle and fat you have. Muscle tissue has more water than fat tissue. Because the average male body has proportionately more muscle than the average female body, it also has more water. For the same reason -- more muscle -- a young body has more water than an older one.

Don't worry, ladies. We can still argue that we're superior even though we have no upper body strength. Water is the universal solvent which could explain why men are so destructive.

Women have more fat. Guess that's why we have so much, uh, flavor?

Young people also have more water in their systems than old people do. That makes sense. Younger people are more sensitive. Not real Wise, but, more sensitive.

Water is constantly flowing through the body trying to balance out the Sodium levels. According to Rex Bills, Sodium is ruled by Mars. Salt is ruled by Saturn, Capricorn.

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