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Monday, June 06, 2011

Pennies From Heaven

My Health Insurance was just raised another $100.00 a month so I feel a little bit vindicated by this story:

"Man cited after paying bill with 2,500 pennies"


A 38-year old man was arguing with a Hospital about $25.00 he owed on his bill. He finally gave up and decided to pay the thing. But. He paid entirely with pennies. 2,500 of them. He dumped them on the counter and then he stood there and insisted that the employees count them while they spilled over into everything. The employees got so upset they called the Police who charged him with disorderly conduct.

Yayyyy!!! How did the police keep a straight face? Will he pay this ticket with pennies as well? Maybe the metermaid can take the change with her little machine?

Okay. Okay. I'll shut up. Gemini Rising just can't let this story go without a hoot.

Don't know what rules the different currencies. Venus rules copper and Venus rules Money through the sign of Taurus. Taurus can be a real penny pincher sign. Either way Venus was in Taurus on May 27 in tight conjunction with Mercury and Mars (employees, police, making a statement) . The stellium was trining Pluto (revenge) 7 Capricorn Rx.

Unfortunately the Gemini Sun was squaring Neptune (Hospitals).

I suspect that Hospitals are going to be in the news a whole lot during the next 13 years or so while Neptune transits through its own sign.

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