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Friday, June 10, 2011

RIP Raymond Zack

What was I saying about how with the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square you have to watch your back?

Well, here it is folks.

If you need help, ask for it politely, very politely. Today's Heroes simply don't respond to people who describe their needs, wants, desires through less civil means.

A guy in Alameda, California went down to the beach to kill himself on Memorial Day and once people caught on to what he was doing they called the fire brigade. The brigade showed up, 10 or 12 of them, all glossy uniformed and stuff and they just stood around watching the guy from on shore. I think I read that they raised the ladder on the fire truck really high so they could get a better look. An article written by someone who was there. This writer said that the First Responders she talked to were genuinely concerned about the guy's welfare. Huh? They say that there's nothing new under the Sun. I think we just broke through that barrier with this story.

The fire department was there. The police were there. The coast guard brought in a helicopter and a boat, no wait, they said they couldn't get the boat (they're the Coast Guard?).

In California when you call 911 at least two cars show up. Often multiple fire trucks. These guys are flashy, but they never throw fits like other police you see on TV. They know how to make you talk just by staying suave. They also make a lot of money, 70,000 to 100,000 a year probably on average. So, when contemplating the budget crises that everyone says we're in, just think about how much money this weird event cost the taxpayers. And we didn't get our prize. We didn't get the 53 year old Rocky-Wrestler-Loser guy out of the water to complete some miracle with the last 10/20 years of his life.

Since Pluto in Virgos and Libras don't have any desire to be heroes this is the sort of story our generation is leaving to the world. Face it, we are a couple of generations who were born to do paperwork. Our most successful people sit in front of a camera looking botoxed.

Don't. Get. Your. Boots. Wet. America.

Neptune was the only planet in a Water sign. He was all on his lonesome in this chart. Neptune rules Suicide, Drownings, and the Ocean, so I guess that he plays a stand out role here. He was hanging out prominently on an angle in the 7th house. So I guess he represents Raymond Zack out there in the ocean, lungs filling up with sea water that the propellers from the helicopter are blowing into them.

Zack was in 4-5 foot deep water and apparently it takes about 1hour 15 minutes to drown yourself in front of a big crowd like that. Some woman on shore finally ran in and pulled him out. The First Responders (have so much trouble calling them that, I bet they don't have a single planet in Aries among themselves) claimed that the guy was too fat, or they didn't know how to swim themselves, or there wasn't funding. How can you live in an ocean community and be so afraid of the friggin water and destitute people?

I wrote about the Kitty Genovese story which was the previous famous Uranus-Pluto in Virgo bystander effect story of all time. I think this one could easily trump that one if only the National Media would report on it. I think I've linked to it down below. The Bay Area has one upped the new Yorkers for sheer callousness and non feeling. I'm not personally surprised, but I know some ooga boogas out there who probably are. Love and Light, mo'fo's. (Actually I think all the Love n Lighter's have all retired up to Oregon and Washington where they're driving all the natives nuts.)

So, is this what the Pluto in Virgo generation is like all grown up? Yes.

Or were these Pluto in Libras? Have you noticed the lazy attitudes of the Pluto in Libras? They all go into service jobs because they can't really manufacture anything and then figure out ways to gang stalk the customers because they can't deal with actual personal interactions.

Either way, the Bay Area has grown up. It has seen New York's ante and it has raised it one. Kitty Genovese, you are history. The Raymond Zack story occurred during mid day on a Holiday. Beat that. I know someone was probably saying "This is my day off I can't put up with this shit" and someone else was nodding his/her head in agreement. That's the attitude in the Bay Area. But, Alameda's finest, the first responders who stood around and watched from shore for more than an hour while a suicidal man drowned himself, how do you explain that? It wasn't their day off.

The first responders said they simply weren't trained for water rescue. I think they might try to find a job for which they are better suited, but who am I to criticize, I know I can't do their job. The guy weighed 300 pounds and they figured he wanted to die anyway. I talked last year about watching the ugly fat guy die in the library because the First Responders didn't show up in time. I wasn't gonna dive in their and kiss that guy on the lips. Some old lady had to. Trust me, people who die can look really cruddy.

The local media has been extremely activist on keeping this article afloat but the national media has completely ignored it. We're all concentrating on the Weiner scandal, dude's got Sun conjunct Uranus-Pluto in Virgo so he's showing the world how the Virgo's like it. The West Coast needs a real media outlet, that's for sure. Kind of interesting coincidence that California is a Virgo with a Uranus-Pluto conjunction.


Raymond Zack Commits Suicide in Front of Crowd of First Responders who do nothing to help.

Memorial Day May 30, 2011 11:30 am

ASC 23 Leo; Sun 10 Gemini (H10); Moon 15 Taurus; MC 16 Taurus; NN 25 Sagittarius RX

The public/circus style nature of the death is shown through Leo Rising. The Sun is up in the 10th House. I think I've mentioned before that in homeopathy Suicide is often represented by Aurum, which is Gold, and is therefore related to the Sun. I equate some Sun aspects with Suicide (especially in conjunction with Venus) but probably no one else does.

The Sun is at high noon, a very odd place, but this was a very public suicide. It is squaring Chiron in Pisces which is in the 7th House conjunct Neptune 1 Pisces. There were articles about how everyone on shore was feeling very concerned for the guy, nobody was going to risk their own lives for him (and he was only wading in 4 feet of water). Everyone on shore was obviously consciously aware that the guy had nothing to live for. The Sun trines Saturn 11 Libra Rx (H2). That explains the cold attitude? The need for regulation in such an event? As a matter of fact, the chart is heavily populated by planets in earth. The First Responders said that no one had budgeted for water rescue, therefore they could do nothing. It would be great to see what signs these people were. It's fascinating to see that they haven't been instantly fired.

The Moon was in conjunction with Mars to the degree at 15 Taurus. That's as volatile as it gets. First Responders who prefer not to get their feets wet should maybe schedule days off when the Moon is in hard aspect to Mars. This was also in conjunction with the Midheaven 16 Taurus, and Venus 19 Taurus (suicide, told ya), Mercury 25 Taurus.

Since Zack was either 52 or 53 years old he may have been going through his 2d progressed Lunar Return which would have hooked in to this angle. His step-mother was on shore in a frenzy, all 84 years of her. Talk about the Uranus Return from Hell.

The IC, or 4th House cusp, rules end of life. This was 16 Scorpio ruled by Pluto, planet which rules Death. The Moon ruled the 12th House cusp and Neptune ruled the 8th House cusp, another planet which rules Death and Suicidal tendencies.

Zack didn't actually die until about 1 hour, 15 minutes after the first cop showed up. At that point the Ascendant switched signs into Virgo. Neptune was conjunct the Descendant by 1 degree. And an innocent bystander ran in to the water and pulled him out. So there you go, the Virgo/Mercury/Pisces/Neptune energy finally kicks in for what it's known for. Was probably a young Pluto in Scorpio woman. Mercury was ruling the chart and was in conjunction with the MC and Venus which is the MC's ruler.

There's a Grand Fire Trine between 23 Leo ASC, NN 25 Sagittarius (H5) and Jupiter 29 Aries (H9). That explains how the Suicide attempt was successful. Fire is usually the sign that I expect the Heroics from. Perhaps the Grand Trine encased the courage in a cocoon, a vortex if you will, the energy that Noel Tyl talks about, the Heroics were sealed off in the minds of the people on the beach. I mean, I have mostly earth in my chart as well so I understand the idea of letting a guy do his thing, but I don't think that's my best characteristic.

I guess this is like the Weiner scandal. It brings up the problems of generations brought up on TV and Internet and their parents' Divorces. Stressed out people who can only watch and can't speak and who basically just can't give a shit.

It must be connected in some way to Uranus-Pluto transits. Kitty Genovese incident occurred with Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. Uranus rules Strangers and people who keep their distance emotionally. Uranus also rules Step-families. Zack's 84 year old Stepmother was helplessly standing on shore as well, unable to help, Uranus Return.

I sort of see this as probably being an example of how different Pluto generations develop. Virgo is supposed to be related to public service. Perhaps the Pluto erases those qualities? And Libra probably could learn a couple more lessons in how to feel guilt about how much they expect from others. I have noticed a weird phenomenon occurring in the U.S. which is probably related to Pluto in Virgo and Libra issues. At the same time that we've been reduced to a basically service oriented country, we have a workforce that has a "blame the customer" attitude.

I tend to think that Virgo and Libra are the signs most likely to stand around doing nothing. In the good sense they are probably the most accurate witnesses during a crime because they do not give a shit. On the bad side, they would rather watch you die than help. They are the ones who are diligently watching you through a spy cam and reporting your b.s. That's why the Weiner scandal which is not in any way interesting at all whatsoever, none of my business, keep that poo to yourself.

Sorry, just can't believe this story. What rules apathy? Got to look that up. Maybe I just did. Even Jon Stewart has missed this one, but he cut his hand reporting on Weiner.

Couldn't they have at least thrown Zack a rope, tossed him a donut, give the guy a chance to change his mind?


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