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Friday, December 09, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse 2011

Tomorrow we'll see a Total Lunar Eclipse. This one is hitting my chart pretty hard. The Mars in Virgo is squaring the Nodes and Full Moon crossing the Gemini-Sagittarius pole. A policeman shined a big white light in my face watching me try to parallel park last night. Have to admit my maneuvers were a little outside the box, but, hey, I didn't need the blinding lights while my foot was still on the gas pedal. Nothing says What the Hell are You doing You stupid bitch like Mars in Virgo. I ought to know, actually, I come from a family of them. All this Mutable Sign stuff is as gang stalky as it gets. I, for one, am not in yoga class anymore, that's for sure.

So, there are lots of good writings about this eclipse. Have fun googling them. Google and Yahoo are bringing us gang stalking. Yay!! The 3d world has more fun than most with the honor system.


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