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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Failure Bell

The Stock Market could have tanked a lot more than 2-- points today. The Super Committee admitted that it can't agree on how to fix the budget problems. That seems sort of serious to me. I think they should consult with more New York City taxi drivers on this one, they are said to have good answers to things, but what do I know?

I suppose the timing was good for making the announcements. Thanksgiving is on Thursday and lots of people who trade are taking the short work week off. Tomorrow might be a bitch, and Wednesday. Capricorn is rising just as the Market opens these days which sticks Pluto 4 degrees from exact conjunction with the Ascendant as the Markets open. This will get closer and closer to the Ascendant through the week. Pluto represents Crises, but also a desire to control Crises through Power and Confidence.

Ruler of the chart, Saturn, is 1 degree past conjunction with the Midheaven. Saturn likes to think that everything can be fixed, or becomes a poor sport. Saturn and Pluto working so close together in this way show some sort of loss. The SuperCommittee can't fix it. Neptune conjunct Chiron in the 3d House of announcements along with Neptune in Sagittarius in 12th house shows the announcement and the confusion connected with it. Usually an unhappy loss and feeling of grimness.

Good news is that this chart has a Grand Trine in it. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto seems like a lucky combination. Mars 6 Virgo is in the 8th House of borrowed money. That's actually sort of feisty. He's trining Jupiter 3 Taurus Rx and Pluto 6 Capricorn (H1). It sort of looks like the bottom feeders are sitting around just looking for a new buying opportunity. That could go either way. Grand Trines are pretty lucky. Earth only deals with what works. Sometimes luck makes you lazy and stupid.

With 2 t-squares this chart is showing people where the missing elements are that are causing all the tension. T-squares are 3 points of a square which feel a strong lack of whatever the 4th corner of the square indicates.

In this case, One t-square has apex Sun 29 Scorpio (H11). The Sun is squaring Mars 6 Virgo (H8) which opposes Neptune 29 Aquarius-Chiron 1 Pisces (H2). Those are Resource houses. That combination sort of looks like delusional thinking. H2 = money, banks. H8 = other people's money, taxes, sex, death. H11 = Hopes, Wishes, Groups. The missing element here is the 5th House of Risk, Play, Childlike abandon, Fun. The Stock Market is no fun right now. The Circus has left town.

The second t-square has Pluto for an Apex. Pluto is part ruler of this chart and Pluto = Sex, Death, Taxes, and cleaning out waste so that the real gems can grow out of the compost. We're seriously composting right now. Pluto (Power) is squaring an opposition of Moon (Introspection, The People) 9 Libra (H9) to Uranus (Groups, Innovations, Hopes) 1 Aries (H3). That's kind of hysterical and I don't know why there wasn't more of a crash. Guess Saturn on the MC really does like to keep things stoic. Moon in Libra usually internalizes its anxieties into physical problems I have found. Haven't actually ever heard anyone else say that, I just used to know a bunch of them. They never actually discuss their problems because, well, how do you access deep emotional turmoil anyway? Moon opposite Uranus means that everyone's prostituting themselves and the H3 to H9 influence sort of reinforces that. This t-square points to Cancer on the Descendant. That shows the public and the poor and the people who feed us and Real Estate and land. The recent announcements that Global Warming is happening much faster than expected ought to alarm everyone. We forgot to work with the land. And people who nourish have been walked all over (by people who talk too much). Oh yeah, and there are the Occupy Wall St. kids. Oops, forgot that we were supposed to provide them with a future. There's a serious need to look back at the past right now in order to figure out how to handle the future.

Sun rules H8 of this chart. That house has Mars in Virgo in it. That sounds a little bit like Geithner's influence.

Uranus rules H2 of money of this chart. The Bankers might be working on some innovations. Maybe they'll all shut down all at once. Well they've been occupying Wall St. for longer than the protesters.

Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception. Venus is in the 12th House in conjunction with Mercury and the North Node in Sagittarius. Jupiter 4 Taurus Rx is down in the 4th House in conjunction with the IC. People who don't paid taxes, more bottom feeders.

On Wednesday, the Sun will move into Sagittarius so people are supposed to invite strangers into their homes and share the holiday. With Pluto conjunct a Capricorn Ascendant I think the bird will be a little dry this year. I heard some strange statistic on the radio that about 80-90 percent of all the turkeys are artificially inseminated. Man, the world could let off a whole lot of heat just by letting these poor schmoes enjoy themselves every once in a while. The tryptophane has been replaced by fire retardant, that's for sure.

SuperCommittee Budgetary Crisis Bell
November 21, 2011

Sun 29 Scorpio (H11); ASC 2 Capricorn; MC 29 Libra; Moon 9 Libra (H9); NN 15 Sagittarius (H12)



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