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Monday, November 28, 2011

More Women Journalists Sexually Mobbed in Cairo Last Thursday

The more you try to change things the more they stay the same. Last Thursday two more female reporters were sexually mobbed in Cairo. I guess this means that the Egyptian Spring is for boys only.

I already wrote a post about Journalist Lara Logan who was sexually mobbed in Tahrir Square last February.

Epyptian born American Journalist Mona Eltahawy was beaten, sexually mobbed, blind folded and held for 12 hours. Her arms were broken. And this was done by the Egyptian police!

Mona Eltahawy
b. Aug. 1, 1967 Port Said, Egypt

Sun 9 Leo; Moon Gemini; NN 3 Taurus Rx

(Sun c. Jupiter 14 Leo; Mars 7 Scorpio c. SN; Venus 13 Virgo; Pluto 19 Virgo; Uranus 23 Virgo opposing Chiron 30 Pisces)

Also on Thursday, a French female journalist, Caroline Sinz, was mobbed by about 70 teenage boys and men. I don't have her birth date.


I don't have the times of the group rapes so I'm just looking at the general transits for last Thursday to try to understand what set things off.

Sexually Mobbings of Female Journalists covering the Rebellion
Nov. 24, 2011 Cairo, Egypt

Sun 2 Sagittarius; Moon Scorpio through most of the day, became a Sagittarius New Moon in the evening.; NN 15 Sagittarius Rx

Scorpio is related to anything having to do with sex and crime. Sorry, Scorpios, the other signs all commit crimes too, but Scorpio is just the sign that handles all things that are taboo within society (like Taxes, hee hee).

So, it's interesting that the Moon is in Scorpio on this day. Moon is a singleton in Water, (except for Chiron in Pisces) so it contains all issues having to do with Feelings and Emotions. That usually indicates an extreme of some sort.

Moon is also traveling very fast by 4:30 pm at 15'. I don't know what that means really except that Moon rules Women, Feelings, Lunacy, Crowds, and Mobs. I think that when it travels fast things happen which are beyond comprehension.

By evening there was a New Moon in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Sun 2 Sagittarius. Literally, something exceptional about Women (moon); International Affairs (Sagittarius) and Journalism (Sagittarius). Sagittarius is also the sign of the centaur and I've studied a little bit before about how centaurs are often connected with rape. The Centaur is half man and half horse. Definitely Chiron is interesting to look at on this date which I'll point out down below. I'd expect that Jupiterian types of women would be more vulnerable to rape because they need freedom and independence and so would end up in places which makes them more vulnerable.

Mercury and Venus are also in Sagittarius at whatever degrees they were at, near the end of the sign. They are in conjunction with each other and both are Out of Bounds. Venus is also in mutual reception with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius.

Venus rules Women and, again, Sagittarius rules International Affairs and Journalism. Mercury also rules News Reporting and Communication. (Venus out of bounds at 24 deg, 37 min; Mercury out of bounds at 24 deg, 45 min.) Mercury is stationing Retrograde on this day which immediately points to some sort of blip in communications. Nothing says I can do anything I want to you quite like rape, although gang stalking comes close.

There's a Grand Earth Trine occurring in this chart between Mars 7 Virgo, Jupiter 3 Taurus and Pluto 7 Capricorn. So, one could expect that men were feeling a little too lucky during this aspect. Mars rules Men. Mars is Lead Planet of a Locomotive chart. This was one Hell of a Train Wreck, that's for sure.

In addition to all this, there's Chiron. On his website Bob Marks said that some astrologer had told him that rape is often shown when Mars is in difficult aspect with Chiron. There was an opposition between the two last week that was squaring the Sun-New Moon.

Mars 7 Virgo opposite Chiron 1 Pisces squaring Sun 3 Sagittarius-Moon at night.

I haven't looked up the other Centaurs. There's one Centaur who is not generally connected with rape but the others are. I wrote about it a long time ago and just can't dig around for it right now.

I wish much healing for Mona Eltahawy and Caroline Sinz (and Lara Logan and all the other victims).

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