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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing the Lotto with Delma Kinney

According to a Huffington Post article, two time Lottery Winner Delma Kinney is a Sadge.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is the Planet of Luck. And in the last few weeks Jupiter in Taurus (money) has been in trine aspect with Pluto (other people's money). Last week the two have been connected in a Super Lucky Grand Trine aspect with Mars in Virgo.

Lucky Grand Trine? No-o-oo-ooo Kidding?!!!!

This guy is showing us how it is done.

The articles don't seem to give a specific date for Kinney's wins. Last week, Kinney was at the Chevron Mini Mart buying cold medicine when he bought his happy ticket (natal Mercury in Scorpio in mutual reception with Pluto in Virgo).

Why can't we ever see the security footage for events like this? Video of some Sadge buying his second Million $$$ Lottery Ticket ... along with Date/Time stamp for proper Astroblab?!!!

Either way, looks like it was last week or the week before. Previous Win was in 2008.

Looks like Mr. Kinney will celebrate his 51st Birthday this week so he's under the influence of His Sagittarius Solar Return. He would have been 48 years old in 2008. (Wait, since his Birthday is so late in the year I may not have calculated the math correctly.)

Playing around with the idea of "What Planetary Cycle are You Currently Under the Influence Of?" we note that in 2008 it could possibly have been Kinney's Jupiter Return, or just after.

Now, at the big 5-0- Kinney is under the influence of his Chiron Return. They say that when you turn 50, you become a Golden Oldie. This guy is certainly rolling in the Gold.

Kind of interesting how the articles state that Kinney put money away to pay for his kids' education with the first win. Jupiter rules higher education. Now, he tends to give some money to charity. Chiron Returnish. Kinney is a single Father of 3 kids (but probably not for very long.)

Delma Kinney, two time Million Dollar Instant Lottery Winner
b. maybe Dec. 5, 1960 (don't know where, he is now in Atlanta, GA)

Sun 14 Sagittarius; Moon Cancer; NN 11 Virgo Rx

The Astrology is just much for me to handle. Kinney has an exact natal trine between Jupiter 9 Capricorn and Pluto-NN at 9 Virgo-11 Virgo. Those two planets bring success when they work together.

Kinney's natal trine of Jupiter to Pluto layers right over the transiting Earth Grand Trine of Mars at early Virgo to t.Pluto at 7 Capricorn and to t. Jupiter at 3 Taurus. And it gets even wilder than that because the Trine fans out into a Kite. Transiting Mars-n.Pluto-NN opposing t. Chiron 1 Pisces-Neptune 29 Aquarius-n. Chiron 28 Aquarius.

Also, connected with this Kite Axis figure is progressed Sun which is currently at 6 Aquarius.

AND also Kinney's Solar Arc Mars and maybe SA Moon are at 9 Virgo in conjunction with the transiting Mars and natal Pluto-NN. Kinney's natal Mars is Retrograde and Out of Bounds so it has exceptional powers. It's in Cancer maybe in conjunction with the Moon. Interesting configuration for a single Father of 3 to have. He probably likes to build swing sets and stuff. And he has psychic abilities. He could feel the vibe in that Chevron Mini Mart. He just knew he could manifest that Lucky Lotto one more time.

The astrology goes on and on. Natal Venus (Cash) is at 25 Capricorn c. natal Saturn 17 Capricorn opposing natal Mars 18 Cancer Rx.

Wish I had the date for the 2008 Win. At the end of 2007 Kinney would have had an extra long Mars Return because Mars went Retrograde over his natal Mars Rx. Right now his progressed Mars is on the Cancer Aries Point at 1 Cancer Rx.

At the end of 2007 there was a very lucky conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto at the end of Sagittarius.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there...was studying some family charts and realized the nn has been direct since (I think) Nov. 28th and will be until Dec. 2nd. It's at 14 Sagg--would something like this be relevant to the lottery winner's chart?

I couldn't find too much on node transiting direct, but the little I did find indicates a range of influence that runs from "a real turn around" to not so great.

in the natal (my son has this) it can mean the person marches to the beat of his/her own drummer (which he certainly does) but it's also considered to be generally unfortunate, and he's certainly had his share of misfortune. His node has gone rx by progression. his life has much improved so I'll have to go back and look to find out when it progressed rx.

my daughter's sun is at 15 Sagg--she was home for the holiday and was really shaky on Friday--very uncharacteristic for her.

my progressed node has gone direct and will be so for the next 2 1/2 years (has been since May). isn't that just great?

btw, are you still at the same email addy where we used to exchange emails from time to time?
I'm not at the same one--I'm at ariespointkay@ymail.com.


9:50 PM  

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