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Saturday, November 26, 2011

What the Hell Was He Thinking?

Story in the news last week about a guy who identifies as a woman and who pretended to be a doctor, a plastic surgeon, but who really belongs to an underground plastic surgery ring. This guy/gal, performed butt enhancement surgeries on women by injecting them with a special spackle made of cement, superglue, and flat-tire sealant.

There you go, no matter how hard you try to dress the guy up like a gal, you just can't take Home Depot out of his stupid sorry ass. There was no mention of Duct Tape in the article; maybe that's just "too 90's."

Thinking about this makes me want to throw up. It also made me feel mean and want to look the freak's birth date up in the cloud. This is probably not correct birth date, but I'm putting it out there for anyone who's curious. The chart is pretty amazing.

Phoney Dr.

July 10, 1992 Carteret, NJ

Sun 19 Cancer; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 1 Capricorn

Sun 19 Cancer c. Venus 27 Cancer. Mommy and Beauty.

The Sun-Venus conjunction is opposing Uranus 15 Cap Rx - Neptune 18 Cap Rx. Sun-Venus opposite Neptune has overly idealistic view points of women, especially when Sun and Venus are in the sign of the Mother, Cancer. Add Uranus in on the mix and you've got total weirdness. This is why we need to add art class back into the classroom. This chart would thrive in art class. It's ok to be dumbed than shit in art class, it's actually desired. Creativity comes from making mistakes and veering from the norm, just not in this way.

Grand Fixed Square between Mercury-Mars-Chiron-Saturn-Pluto: Mercury 15 Leo-Chiron 11 Leo opposes Saturn 18 Aquarius Rx. Square Mars 19 Taurus opposing Pluto 21 Scorpio Rx. That's showing some real stress coming from childhood.

Commentary on this thing could go on for eons. Mercury shows the thinking process. Well, he got caught because of a "surgery" he performed in May 2010. That's Saturn Return stuff. Mercury c. Chiron doesn't help. Progressed Mercury in Rx doesn't help either.

He's not the only one out there. That's scary. If this chart is accurate, the 1 NN on the AP of Capricorn brought this guy out before the public. Unfortunately, not until after the Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto t-square hit it for the last 2 years.

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