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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Kentucky Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby runs today.  And there's also a Supermoon tonight.  That's a Full Moon that's close to earth.

So, the Kentucky Derby today has the full Moon within 2 degrees just barely entering the 1st-7th Houses. I mean, just barely, so whatever people put their money on (H2-H8) may not be the winner.  That's craziness. 

First we want to celebrate the Horses because they are so damn lovely.  Here's a list.  The experts have picked their favorites but as I've said before the real way to pick the winner is to go down to the Paddock right before the race with your Sagittarius Mother and see which horse looks her in the eye.  Sagittarians have special affinities with animals.  Animals like a Happy Person, or at least a lucky person, or at least a person who feels lucky.

Most of the women at the Derby wear big hats so I don't know if they are Sagittarians.  I'm pretty certain that this scares the horses.  It scares me, especially since Uranus, planet of weirdness, is in Aries, the sign of everything that goes on the head.  There might be some weird feathers stuck on today's chapeaus, probably whole turkeys.  And last I heard it's raining in Louisville so there will be sagging feathers, woddles, and plastic bags.  Ugh. How can the horse see your eyes if all that crap is in the way.

Kentucky Derby
May 5, 2012  6:24 pm  EDT, Louisville, KY

Sun 16 Taurus (H7);  Moon 13 Scorpio (H1); ASC 20 Libra;  MC 23 Cancer;  NN 7 Sagittarius (H2)

Kentucky Derby is always in May so is always a Taurus event.

Neptune (H5), planet of big climatic issues involving water, is squaring the Nodal Axis (H2-8).   Today's practice was cancelled because the track was soaked from last night's storms.  This aspect works out into a t-square because Mars at 7 Virgo is opposing Neptune-Chiron.  Mars is up in the 11th Houses of Wishes and Hopes and is opposing the planet of Dreams.  This aspect has been in effect for a really long time over the past couple of months because of Mars' Retrograde.  There might be spectacle or deception with regards to money and risk taking and hopes, etc.  Neptune rules big animals but I think that might be big animals who live out in the wild.  I think that Jupiter rules horses but probably nobody else does.

Mars rules the 7th House of the chart so it represents either the Jockeys or the Horses or whomever takes poo.  Must be the Horse because the Jockey holds the reigns, which is a first house thing.  Actually, with Venus ruling H1 and Mars ruling House 2 we have a reversal of the natural rulers.  Both Venus in Gemini and Mars in Virgo disposit to Mercury and Mercury is conjunct the Descendant.  So, the horses will be truly running around and around in a circle trying to figure out who's going to drive this thing.  And, actually, it won't be that confusing because Mercury is opposed by Saturn/ASC and that shows that someone with solid concentration will be holding the reigns.

Saturn represents timing and delay, and professionalism and going ahead with bad ideas that ought to be delayed.  So, the horse that can run in mud best will win.  I could have told you that just by reading the weather report. The Jockey will have to be cautious and pushy and have good timing.

I'm remembering a song my Sagittarius Mother used to sing with her Ukelele.

went something like:

The horses run around
Their feet are on the ground
Oh who will wind the clock while I'm away, away?
Go get the axe there's a hair on baby's chest
Who put the shore so near the ocean, the ocean?.

There's more.  I pretty certain I've scrambled the lines.

Don't know how to determine who wins a race. I think that the rulers of the fire signs represent sports.  That's Mars, Jupiter, Sun. and H1-5-9.  All these planets are in earth signs today and are placed in H5,7 and 11.  Jupiter represents Good Luck so is probably most associated with a winner.  Jupiter is placed in the 8th House which probably represents placing a bet.  He is in conjunction with the Sun (risk) and Lilith (even riskier). 

The Ascendant/H1 cusp would show the starting point especially in sports requiring a rider and a ridee.  The 1st House of this chart contains both of the rulers of both the IC and MC which are Moon 13 Scorpio and Saturn Rx at the end of Libra.  Moon and Saturn are natural rulers of the IC and MC which are the top and bottom of the chart so this angle receives extra attention.  They represent tradition, Mom and Dad, genetics.  Saturn conjunct the ASC could show good bone structure.  Moon could represent horse reacting to crowds or to my Dead Mother who I'm sure will be floating around in the paddock to see if anyone can see her ghost.  To be honest, I think they've bred the life out of the race horses so they are just sort of tired and depressed.  But, Saturn in H1 can give good rhythm and opposing Mercury will show something having to do with focus and concentration. And, any horse that gets any extra love or sugar cubes right before the race will do much better than the others.

Chart ruler is Venus 23 Gemini.  She's in H9.  So the horse from the foreign country, or the jockey from the foreign country wins.  Or the horse with the best manual dexterity wins.  Or the most logical horse wins.  Or maybe Mr. Ed will be there.

A horse is a horse
 unless of course
 you talk to Mr. Ed.


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