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Monday, April 02, 2012

At What Age Are You Happiest? At What Age Are You Wealthiest?

A study from out of the u.k. Says that people are happiest at age 33. The Sun in your Solar Return chart is said to begin a new cycle at this age because it returns to the same house it was in when you were born. So, perhaps this is the year when you are reborn? Kind of an interesting thought Christianity wise. Jesus was 33 when he was killed, and risen. However you say it. I'm appreciating Christianity more these days. It seems to have taken some of the best of Greek thought and tried to bring it to the people. Sometimes works, sometimes not.

Here's the article. On iPad so can't figure the links.



Financial disaster prophet, Henry S. Dent, supplies a bunch of different statistics about ones age. He says that most people are the wealthiest they will ever be at age 48. This is at or right after a person's 4th Jupiter Return.

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