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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Ball - 3 Winners

No word yet on who exactly won the biggest Lottery of all time. According to what I just read which I don't have link for there were 3 winning tickets.

Winning places were:

Town of Red Bud near St. Louis in Illinois?
Baltimore County, Maryland
somewhere in Kansas, i.e. Oz

I talked about how Jupiter and Venus were on the Descendant and was hoping that this would somehow describe the winners. Aside from wondering if they're not all Diabetics (Noel Tyl relates Venus-Jupiter combos with Diabetes)

Looked up astrolocality chart for the drawing and found that the Jupiter DS line runs down from Milwaukee/Chicago to just east of Houston. St. Louis is right on it! Baltimore MD is under the influence of the Mars MC and Cihron IC lines. I don't think that Kansas was under any particular lines.

The winning numbers were

02-04-23-28-46 The MegaBall no. was 23

That means that you would have had to have picked the number 23 twice. I know that when I was picking numbers I didn't even think of repeating any.

Anyway, it's interesting that 23 is an age related to the 2d Jupiter Return which happens between ages 23 and 24. That's as far as I will go to try to relate the numbers to the astrology chart because one can get really nuts about that.

Congratulations to the Winners!!! I read what I thought was some really good advice which said to go ahead and spend some money now but to wait a year before making the major decisions.

Oh yeah, Jupiter is conjunct Lilith.

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